10 Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Peepal Tree (Ficus Religiosa)


Peepal tree(Ficus Religiosa) is the only tree that provides oxygen 24X7, i.e., also at night like no other tree. The tree has a lot of medicinal properties due to which it is used in many ayurvedic medicines. The Tree, its leaves & barks are rich in aspartic acid, tannic acid, flavonoids, vitamins, methionine, glycine.

Let us know the various health benefits of Peepal Tree


Asthma is a lung disease that affects most old and young children. Peepal tree bark is very useful in asthma or respiratory disease. For this, take out the inside part of the bark and make the powder. By eating it, breathing problems can be overcome.

2 Cures Jaundice

Your skin texture & eyes in jaundice become yellow and last for a few days. If you want to get rid of it, then drink the syrup of Peepal leaves regularly.You can add sugar to it for flavor.

3.Fight Skin Diseases

If you are also suffering from any skin problem like scabies, itchy skin, then drinking juice of Peepal leaves is very beneficial. Apart from this, if you apply a peepal bark on the face, then the wrinkles are reduced.

4.For Foot Cracks

By applying the paste of peepal leaves, the tearful edges of the foot are cured, and you get a smooth and healthy skin.

5.Stops Nose Bleeding

By crushing the fresh leaves and applying it in the nose provides relief in the problem of nose bleeding. Apart from this, the problem of stammering is also cured by its powder that can be mixed with honey and taken.

6.For Teeth

It helps in keeping your teeth bright, prevents them from decaying and fights cavity. You can grind peepal bark and mix black pepper and coconut in it and use it as a paste.

7.Relieves Cold

The common cold is a problem that everyone has to face in around seasonal change. In such a situation, the leaves of Ficus Religiosa is very beneficial. You will get plenty of relief in the cold by drinking dry leaves with candy sugar.

8.Gas &Constipation

The problem of gas and constipation is common health condition that many suffer from. If you have this problem, then drink this juice of fresh leaves and get relief in constipation.

9.Lowers Stress

Peepal leaf is rich in calming properties which can help in reducing stress. For this, you chew its leaves regularly and get relief from stress.

10.Removes Toxins

Peepal is a natural antioxidant that helps the body to eliminate any toxic substance in the body. You can take up to two teaspoons of its juice 3 to 4 times a day.

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