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healthy dietThe uric acid is known as purines compound substances. Purines can be found in some foods such as beans, anchovies, liver, peas.The levels of abnormal uric acid can be created by acidosis, alcoholic beverages, chemotherapy, diabetes, a lot of exercises, gout, poisoning, kidney diseases, a lot of foods rich in purines and leukemia.

Uric acid usually makes us go through terrible times. At least we can do some remedies to treat it using natural foods that lower uric acid level naturally.

1. Boldo Tea For Uric Acid

Take two small infusions of boldo leaves (plant). You can also use the plant’s tea. Only half a glass of water should be heated until it is boiling, then it is lowered from the heat and the boldo leaves or tea from the plant are added. It can be found in supermarkets, health food stores or botanical stores.

2. Raw Onion For Uric Acidraw onion juice

It is also highly recommended to eat a lot of raw onion. It is not a very tasty recommendation for many people, but when it comes to treating uric acid can be very useful. If possible consume it every day.

3.Cucumber Juice to Remove Uric Acid

One hour before lunch, drink cucumber juice. Just cut the cucumber into small pieces and add it to the blender with a glass of water and take it immediately.

4.Carrot Juice For Uric Acidcarrot & its juice

One hour after the lunch you can make a carrot juice. To do this, add a carrot in the blender, previously washed and peeled with a glass of water, blend until well blended and fresh.


You can also take celery shake every day on an empty stomach and one hour before the last meal. You only need to add a few celery sticks with stem and a glass of water to the blender. It is liquefied well; it is good to take it fresh.

6. Radish & Pasrsleyparsley

Other smoothies that can also be very good to treat uric acid are radishes or parsley.

7. Garlicraw garlic

If you like garlic then let me tell you that it contributes significantly to treating uric acid, so take much as possible every day. If necessary add honey or parsley to avoid bad breath.

8. Artichoke, Dandelion and Chicory Juice

You can always make an artichoke, dandelion and chicory juice. The three together in water. You should not add an equal quantity of each ingredient just enough for a glass of juice a day, it should be made in water and it can be sweetened with honey.

9.Apple, Pumpkin & Asparagus Juice

Another juice that you can make has the following ingredients: Apple, pumpkin, asparagus, and corn. You only need one glass of apple juice, half a glass of pumpkin juice, half a glass of asparagus juice and water of corn. In the end, all the juices and corn water come together and it is taken immediately when it is still fresh.

10. Squash Infusion

The most recommended foods to reduce uric acid are artichoke, onions, squash, celery and carrots. It is good to have them present.


1. Do not skip meals especially breakfast.

2. It is good to avoid consuming many foods rich in purines such as those mentioned above. But it is also recommended to lower foods rich in fructose such as sugar or honey. Also soft drinks and soft drinks or very sweet juices. If you want to sweeten some food, it is recommended to use Stevia or Splenda.

3. Avoid red meats, sausages, beer, sardines, and anchovies.

4. If taking a good diet and carrying out the remedies and advice do not see improvement, you must visit a specialist to determine the cause and follow an appropriate treatment.

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