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Man holding stomachHave you ever felt any burning in your stomach, or have you ever gotten up to the grunts because of that uncomfortable pain in the top of your belly? These are some of the signs of gastritis , which also include nausea , with or without vomiting. Inflammation in the stomach mucosa, gastritis affects many people who, upon receiving the diagnosis, need to adopt some dietary restrictions. Those who have inflammation should avoid acidic and fatty foods, among them sour fruits (gourd, orange except lime, pineapple etc.), vinegar, coffee and fried foods.

However, not only diet restrictions live those who have gastritis. See which habits are welcome and which foods do not harm your digestive system and still control the disease – some even help to recover the wound on the stomach wall.

1. Mint and Rosemary

The herbal teas are powerful allies of good digestion. They are also digestive calming, since they decrease the acidity of the stomach. With this, they attenuated heartburn, gas and colic. For a more satisfactory effect, ideally they should be taken 30 minutes before meals.

2. Non-acidic Fruitsfruits

Orange lime, banana, apple, and guava and papaya are on the list of liberated fruits, since they do not attack the stomach. Their juices can also be ingested without fear. The amount indicated by nutritionist Andréia Ceschin de Avelar is four to five servings per day for breakfast, mid-morning, for lunch, between lunch and dinner and another for dinner, each serving being a fruit or a slice.

3. Aloe Vera JuiceAloe_vera_gel

According to nutritionist Fernanda Granja, the juice of Aloe vera , herb also known as aloe, has healing power. In other words, besides not being harmful, it still contributes to the healing of the stomach wound. The juice is already sold ready and 50 ml ingested in fasting or before bedtime daily are sufficient

4. Foods with Lactobacilliyogurt-curd

“Sometimes gastritis kills the good bacteria in the stomach, and without them, the tissue does not recover,” explains nutritionist Fernanda Granja. Therefore, the replacement of lactobacilli is important to populate the stomach with beneficial bacteria and thus to cure gastritis. Lactobacilli are found in yogurts and even sold in powder form.

5. Green banana biomass

banana ripeness
Degree Of Ripeness of Banana

When cooked, the green banana has a sturdy starch, defined as a pre-biotic. This substance acts as a food for the lactobacilli, keeping them alive. When a person develops gastritis, his stomach is populated with bad bacteria, causing deficits of good bacteria. By ingesting the biomass, the lactobacilli remain alive, aiding in the recovery of the tissue.

Preparation: To prepare the green banana biomass, wash the green bananas, put them in a pressure cooker, coat them with water and cook for 20 minutes in all, eight of which will be in the fire and the rest only in the pressure. Do not force the pressure to escape! After cooking, gradually remove the shell from the pouch, which must be passed immediately on the processor. You will get a thick paste that, if not consumed immediately, can be frozen in plastic bags or even cubes for up to four months, but will require reprocessing. Green banana biomass is also a great ally of digestion!

6. Low fat fish and chicken

You do not have to cut the meat off your menu because of the fat. Meat of cooked, broiled or grilled chicken; not very fatty fish, such as hake and hake – to the oven or grilled – and less greasy red meats – which includes duck, soft crab and lizard – are released.

7. Green Juiceraw cabbage juice

According to nutritionist Fernanda Granja, the juice of parsley and cabbage is rich in chlorophyll, an energizing substance and full of zinc and antioxidants , items needed for recovery of the stomach, in addition to vitamin C and magnesium. To prepare, beat the green ingredients with fruit juice, water and sprouted linseed. To germinate the flaxseed, simply put a tablespoon into a glass with water. After 4 hours the seed will be ready to be added to the green juice.

8. Vegetables or steamed vegetablesfoods

Consume vegetables – both at lunch and at dinner – but remember to braise them, since very hard leaves can bother the walls of your stomach. For this consumption of vegetables such as cabbage, raw cabbage, endive, lettuce and watercress should be avoided, at least in the beginning.

9. Bean broth

Although the grain of the beans should be avoided because of the fermentation it causes, its broth can be harnessed. Besides being easily digested, you can take advantage of the nutrients that the beans offer and still kill the will, since the taste of the broth does not change when separated from the grain.

10. Water and salt biscuitsglass of water

The tip of the nutritionist Andréia Ceschin de Avelar, is to eat crackers of salt and water or cornstarch (no cookies filled as they are very greasy) and fruit at meal intervals, to avoid that the stomach is empty (since, when empty, the gastric juice will corrode its walls, aggravating the wound).They are made from four to five meals a day – calmly, in a few quantities.

Foods to Avoid in Gastritis

Some foods can further harm the picture. Although gastritis is something individual, each one manifests in a way, some foods are causers and aggravators of more common crises. see the list:

  • Caffeine-rich foods such as coffee, teas, soft drinks, and chocolates.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Acidic foods such as lemon, orange, pineapple and even tomato.
  • Fried food.
  • Sausages.
  • Very spicy foods with excess onion, garlic, peppers or lemon.
  • Chewing gum and candy.

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