10 Foot Care Tips For Rainy Season


Monsoon/ Rainy Season  brings relief from the heat, on the other hand, many bring problems of skin and feet. Using the following tips, you can keep your feet hydrated and safe.feets in rain

1.Apply Moisturiser

Before sleeping during the monsoon, apply a moisturizer on the feet. The moisturizer should have urea and paraffin (7 to 10 percent). This will remove the dead skin of your feet and keep your legs away from clean, smoother and allergic. Do not apply moisturizing among the toes of the feet, because there is very moisture in the skin and it can increase the risk of fungal infection.

2.Keep the Nails Short

Dirt and bacteria are accumulated in the long nails of the feet. Always cut your nails straight and keep the corner equal. Cutting the nails deep or leaving imporper corners can move the nails inward. By keeping the nails in the right shape, you can keep dirt and bacteria away.

3.Do Pedicure Daily

Take some time out of your everyday life and go to a nearby parlour and do pedicures. Having pedicure during the rainy days is necessary. Keep in mind that the equipment used is clean. If cleaning is not kept in mind while doing pedicure, then there is a risk of infection several times.

If you can not go out and do pedicure, you can do it at home only. Keep your feet soaked in lukewarm water for 15 minutes at home. And then wipe it with a clean towel. Put two to three drops of water in the antiseptic liquid.

Patients with diabetes should not put their feet in hot water. Many times, due to lack of sensitivity, they may also complain of walking.

You can also try many home remedies to prevent the growth of germs in your plants. When you come home after getting wet in the rain, try these solutions-

4.Clean and Dry your Feet

It’s very easy and also very important. Wash your feet after coming out from the rain. Because during the monsoon, there are fungus, bacteria, and germs, so it is important to clean your feet when coming home from outside.

Wash and dry after washing feet. Wear shoes instead of sandals on the way out. Shoes give full protection to your feet, while your feet in the sandals become wet, like the risk of bacterial infections.


While bathing, keep your feet immersed in water for 5-10 minutes. You can mix any liquid soap or shampoo in water. After washing for ten minutes, use scrubber on your feet, it will remove dead and damaged skin.

6.Pay Attention

There should be no bacterial or fungal infections such as redness, swelling, itching and skin warming, or pain of no injury etc. should not be overlooked. In this case, you should go to the doctor immediately and get treatment.

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