10 Health Advantages of Eating Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of the tree called Cinnamomum. It is used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back to ancient Egypt. Today, it is a cheap spice, available in markets and found in all types of foods and recipes and has many health advantages.Cinnamon

The two main types of cinnamon are Cinnamon Ceylon and Cinnamon Cassia, the latter is most commonly used these days. Let us see health benefits of eating cinnamon.

1. Cinnamon for a Cold & Cough

Cinnamon tea works wonders in fighting cold and cough. It fights mucus and any inflammation in the throat. Regular consumption of this tea helps keep throat free from any health issues. You can also suck cinnamon piece in mouth to relive a constant cough.

2. Anti-Oxidant Properties

Cinnamon has anti-oxidant properties that can greatly reduce the damage caused by free radicals. It is recommended to use cinnamon oil as it offers a more realistic dose of cinnamon.

2. Boosts Brain Power

Cinnamon stimulates brain activity, increases visual-motor function, improves reflexes, vigilance, memory, and productivity. This is due to the ability of cinnamon to control insulin levels. A recent study has shown that the fragrance or cinnamon flavor can stimulate brain function. Especially it has been said to improve the processes of attention, virtual recognition memory, memory, and increases visual-motoric response speed.

3.Controls Diabetes

Cinnamon contains polyphenols that regulate insulin thus keeping blood sugar levels in check. Recent researchers have shown that cinnamon reduces fasting blood sugar levels.

4. Facilitates Body Functions

Cinnamon contains manganese that helps in the development of connective tissue, the absorption of calcium. Also useful for the functioning of the thyroid gland and sexual hormones, the regulation of blood sugar levels.

5. Purifies blood and stimulates circulation

Cinnamon is an ingredient that improves blood circulation, reduces pain. Cinnamon has anti-clotting properties, so it should not be taken in combination with other blood-thinning medicines, as bleeding may occur.

6. Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Taking Cinnamon tea increases metabolic rate and helps lose weight as it prevents the storage of fat caused by high blood sugar levels.It increases the metabolism of glucose by 20 times.  Cinnamon also feeling of satiety and fullness, thus reducing cravings for food .

7. Relives Indigestion

Indigestion can cause stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhea, stomach pain or a headache. A cinnamon substance called catechin (a type of anti-oxidant) helps relieve stomach discomfort: bloating, gas or indigestion. Cinnamon stimulates food digestion and reduces acidity in the stomach. For best results, cinnamon tea is recommended with a teaspoon of honey.

8. Anti-Cancer

Cinnamon retards the cancer cell growth thus a very effective life-saving herb. Regular intake of this Ayurvedic herb keeps you away from all kinds of cancers.

9. As Mouth Refresh

Drink sugar-free cinnamon tea to get a feeling of freshness of the mouth. Cinnamon combats cavities and gum disease due to its anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties on germs. After drinking cinnamon tea, it is best to wash your teeth or at least rinse your mouth with water so that the tea does not smear your teeth.

10. Cinnamon for Fungal Infection

Cinnamon has some strong antifungal characteristics making it effective against Candida. Cinnamon also fights bacteria, and viruses in foods, thus preventing food spoilage.

With so many benefits, it must find a way into your regular diet.

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