10 Home Remedies To Fall Asleep Quickly


Do you often go to bed only and find yourself lying for hours before you fall asleep? Are you searching for tips/ home remedies to fall asleep quickly? so that you get up with recharged energies without using any medication/ drugs.

Man trying to sleep

Remember that when you are going through a family problem for example, or you are very stressed because of work, insomnia is one of the possible consequences.

Anything that helps you feel more relaxed will facilitate a better sleep at night.Here are few tips that will definitely help in getting a good sleep.

Natural Remedies to Treat Insomnia

These are the natural remedies that can be effective for insomnia:

1. Hot Milk

It is one of the most popular home remedies. Even babies seem to agree with this millenarian sedative.Chemically, the reason milk helps sleep is that of its content of calcium and tryptophan.

Also, try drinking a glass of hot milk along with some cookies before going to bed.

2.Relaxing Music

While listening to relaxing music every day when you go to bed, is a good way to relax your tensed brain. You can also listen to an ASMR or binaural beat or isochronic sounds or available on youtube to induce sleep fast. These tones bring your brain in a  frequency where it is easier for it to catch sleep.I personally use this excellent remedy quite often and know it works every time.

3.Lavender and Chamomile Tea

You can use these herbs separately or together. Both lavender and chamomile have a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Prepare a tea with these herbs and drink hot one hour before bed.

4.Kava Tea

Like chamomile or lavender, this herb has mild sedative effects. Take it before bed.In some people, the sedative effect of this tea is quite marked, so it is best to try little by little.

Also, you should not take this type of infusions if you then have to drive a vehicle or handle heavy machinery at work.


You can prepare a rich salad with fresh lettuce or an infusion. Either way, lettuce can be a very good remedy for insomnia. Since ancient times, particularly since the time of the Romans, lettuce has been used as a painkiller and analgesic.

Besides, mixed with rose oil is very useful for treating headaches.

6.Evening Walk

Sometimes the primary cause of not falling asleep fast is because your body is not channelizing its energies in physical activities. Walking for 30 minutes at least every evening makes sure you go to bed tired which will trigger deep sleep fast.


This food has been used since antiquity, especially by Chinese medicine.Whether as a sedative or as an analgesic, it has been one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to fighting pain and stress.

Nutmeg stimulates brain activity by eliminating or decreasing the sensation of fatigue. You can take it with warm or milk.

8.Orange Flowers

The orange blossoms have an important anxiolytic and relaxing effect and therefore, help you sleep better.To achieve the desired effect, you can take an infusion of these flowers or inhale the essential oil for a few minutes before bedtime or apply it on your pillow.

9.Adequate Eating Habits

While this is not a remedy itself, having healthy and orderly eating habits favors, among other things, having a good quality of sleep.

Avoid bountiful dinners, especially those based on proteins and fats
These nutrients decrease serotonin levels and increase adrenaline levels. For this reason, when you eat a lot of fats or proteins, your sleep can be much lighter.

10.Follow Relaxation Techniques

Beyond philosophical or religious conceptions, techniques such as yoga, meditation, tai-chi or other relaxation techniques can be very beneficial for prolonged and restorative sleep.

Whether it is physical or mental relaxation, it is proven that the body takes less time to fall asleep when you have practiced any of these techniques.

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