10 Home Remedies To Cure Prevent Hangover


hangover“I’m never going to drink again.” This phrase has been said dozens of times by those who love beer, caipirinha, wine, whiskey or all that and other drinks more. Waking up from the old known symptoms: Nausea , a lot of headache, heartburn, unusual fatigue and generalized dehydration is such a bad thing that we swear never again. But there we will be again, at a bar table with a good chat or a samba roda dancing, drinking like there was no tomorrow while tomorrow promises: hangover !!!

Surveys come and go and never stop because the dream of a good glass scientist is to discover the hangover cure . Drinking without fear of being happy would be a dream but the hangover is nothing more than a warning from the body to catch light. The liver exists! And it’s good that it’s like this, otherwise … what would be the life expectancy of the human being who loves to drink, if it was not for the hangover?

We choose 10 natural remedies that can help overcome this difficult moment of life, where besides physical malaise there is also psychological malaise: why do we treat ourselves so badly?

We wake up “bad from the belly” and the first thing we think to do is take a medicine against the headache, another against the nausea and thus, we give even more work to a liver and to the tired kidneys to spend the night cleaning our blood alcohol. Poor of those organs !!!

Here are our natural recipes to heal the hangover really hoping to help you:

1. BananaBanana

This fruit is great for fighting hangovers, especially if it is champagne or sparkling. The excessive consumption of alcohol dramatically reduces the reserves potassium in our body and the banana is a great integrator of this mineral as well as being tasty and cheap. So if after a hangover you have a long day at work, do not forget to put a banana in the bag and another in the stomach. But eat the little pieces and very slowly.

2. Waterdrink water

Recent research reveals that drinking water does not help prevent hangovers, but popular wisdom and our experiences suggest that drinking water can help .

Although we drink alcoholic fill our body of liquid, in fact we are dehydrating it. If we overdose , trust the “two-bottle rule.” We put two bottles of water on the head of the bed (maybe with a couple of bananas!). One should drink before bed and another when we wake up. This will help us feel better. Many people, after a hangover , drink water only to take an aspirin or an analgesic . There is nothing worse than this, because the tendency is for the remedy to worsen the situation if we still have alcohol in the body.

3. Fruit JuiceJuices Choice

Another hangover cure is fruit juice , preferably fresh, freshly squeezed. Drinking it allows us to quickly raise blood sugar levels and assimilate different vitamins. The only caution is not to drink orange juice because it is too acidic. Let’s try to avoid coffee or other caffeinated beverages because they are diuretic and can aggravate our state of dehydration .

4. Honeyhoney

Potassium and fiber rich in antioxidants can be a valuable aid against our hangover. At breakfast , eat (or try to eat) a slice of toasted bread or crackers of salt and water, sprinkling honey on top. Even if your stomach is not of the same opinion, you will see that soon-soon you will feel better.

5. Soup

If the hangover completely ruined your appetite and thinking of food makes you vomit , do not worry, it’s normal! Is there anything better than a good soup ? Rich in vitamins and nutrients is great for fighting hangover dehydration. You can use as a base a good hot crucible of light vegetables. If you like, you can add a little pepper in your soup: sweating helps eliminate toxins .

6. Coconut Watercoconut water

To give that hydrate that the body needs and that only the coconut can offer. But we do not always have it available or we can get to the beach tent or the nearest supermarket to get it. So it’s good to always have a bottle of first aid in the refrigerator 🙂

7.Eat GingerGinger Root

Ginger has been used for centuries, to reduce nausea and vomiting. A study by The National Institutes of Health revealed that consuming ginger, tangerine pith, and brown sugar before drinking significantly decreases the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

8. Boldo-do-chile Tea

If you have the leaves of the plant at home in the pot, better still: knead them with a pestle and mix them in a glass of cold water. It may be that bitter makes you vomit but that can also be salvation, depending on the case.

9. Chamomilechamomile tea

A natural remedy that cures virtually all ills. If there is one thing you can not talk about in the pantry is chamomile , dried flowers or teabags. With a little cracker of salt and water, the chamomile can give the one calmed that the stomach deserves . Drink warm and very slowly.

10. Restsleep

Let’s agree that nothing in the world is better than a good rest. Not just to cure the hangover or any other health problem. Our body is capable of recovering on its own from the evils that afflict us, but it needs good treatment and that includes a good dose of rest.

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