10 Interesting Ways To Use Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo was invented for lazy people, who sometimes just do not want to complicate their lives by washing their heads. Do you know that he is able not only to remove the greasy shine of his hair?

For a Texturing Effect

Many Hollywood stylists use dry shampoo to achieve an ideal styling of “beach waves”. To do this, you just need to apply the product to the roots, then quite a bit over the entire length of the hair. After that, wind the lock on the curling iron.

For the volume of the hairstyle

About the magical effect of dry shampoo, you know exactly, but what happens to the hair when you use it on a clean head? It’s very simple – it becomes something like foam and gives curls extra volume.

For styling

This tip is suitable for girls with short hair. In order to make a simple and stylish styling, you need to spray a little money on the fingers, then take the string and form it. And repeat the procedure until you get so-called feathering.

For the stamina of a hairstyle

In the event that you have finished hairspray, and styling requires fixation, you can use a dry shampoo. It, of course, does not have “cementing” properties of the varnish, but will help to give the hairdo a static shape.

To Correct Errors

If you are slightly overdone with a spray with sparkles or applied a lot of oil on the hair, then a dry shampoo can again fix the situation. It absorbs surplus funds as long as you collect.

For Eyebrow Care

In our times, when the eyebrows are given almost paramount importance, refers to this part of his face untidily – a crime. We advise you to spray dry shampoo on the brush and brush your eyebrows. Not only will they look more well-groomed, but also become visually thicker (all thanks to the starch contained in the product).

To mask the overgrown roots

All of us are not sinless, and overgrown roots are what happens to us, even if not regularly, but often. If you do not have time to paint, then use a simple trick – apply a dry shampoo on the roots. Since there are now many options for the means of all colors of the rainbow, you will be able to deceive the surrounding people for a long time.

For Hygiene

Dry shampoo can be an alternative to deodorant. We warn: it is not intended for the elimination of unpleasant odor and struggle with excessive perspiration, therefore it is extremely rare to use it. Thanks to all the same starches, shampoo dries the skin and really smells good.

To Combat Rubbing

Most dry shampoos contain an absorbent such as talc. It can eliminate the unpleasant sensations from rubbing the skin of the feet. It is no less useful for those who suffer from rubbing each other’s legs.

To Reduce the Statics

Girls who use plastic combs or wear high-synthetic clothing know exactly what an electrifying hair is. Dry shampoo will help “calm” disobedient hairs.

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