10 Myths And Truths About Skin Care


Girl Face GlowingWhatever the season, the skin should be treated equally to look healthy. Today there are so many products that many times we confuse and we do not know which is the best for your skin type.

The areas of skin that are most damaged over time are the outline of the eyes as the skin is the thinnest of the body and the area perpendicular to being subject to much gesticulation. Today there is a lot of disinformation in skin care, especially in specific areas, such as eye and neck contours. Here are few myths that must be busted.

1.Healthier and beautiful skin does not need any cream and use any more

This is totally false, because healthy skin is not going to stay this way forever, and will always be exposed to factors that damage it. You should not use any because there are some natural creams for each type of skin.

2. Skin care begins at age 28-30 when the first wrinkles appear

This is also a myth, as care starts early in childhood. In adolescence, you should start with facial cleaning 2 times a day, in the morning and at night, with a product suitable to the skin type. At 18 years should be added a day moisturizer especially if you live in dry weather, from the age of 21, night cream, repair and / or anti-wrinkle light depending on the type of skin, and on the day antioxidant drops after cleaning.

3. It is not necessary to wear sunscreen all year round

This is the most harmful myth, because although we feel the effects of the sun in summer, this has its effects on the skin all year.

4.The same cream can be used on face and bodyskin care summer

While it does not hurt, they will not have the same benefits as if they used a specific one. For example, on the face, you have to have an antioxidant cleansing routine, moisturizer and use blocker in the day. At night cleansing and anti-aging cream, according to age.

5.The blocker comes first

The professional assures that this is false since you always have to apply the creams first and finally the blocker so that it really protects. It is also important to clean the skin daily before applying any product.”

6.Apply all creams together

It is necessary to wait between each step so that each has its effect. Also, do not rub them too much, ideally apply a small amount and there are absorbed alone.

7. Use glycolic acid in the day and do not use topical antioxidant

Glycolic acid does not have to be used in the day because the skin can be stained, in turn, we do need to use antioxidants during the day because it is when we are exposed to environmental pollutants and radiation. Antioxidants make that effectively neutralize effect.

8. The more you wash your skin, the better

False! Do not apply products on dirty skin and clean it daily is essential, but do not overdo it. Excessive hygiene may facilitate skin irritation by breaking the skin barrier.

9. Use perfumed and handmade products benefits the skin

This is not like this. Do not use products that contain parabens and perfumes, nor do creams of elaboration very handmade since they can be very irritating, notes the doctor. One tip you can do is test them on the forearm first, apply and observe your reaction at two or three hours, at which time neither redness nor inflammation should appear.

10.For healthy skin, it is enough to use creams

This is false since the creams are a compliment. The food influences a lot. White flour and refined products produce inflammation and fat skins promote acne. This refers to daily intake, not if it is occasional, predominating a balanced diet and with a predominance of natural foods “.

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