10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brain Capacity


increase brain capacityWe use only 10% of our brain and, contrary to the beliefs of some scientists who assumed that we had the brain we were born within our lives, today they have verified that this is not the case.

Science has proven that it is possible to increase your brain capacity, and for this, you must follow some of these tips :

1). Try New Things

When you experience new things you are stimulating your brain. So do not fall into the rut and change your way to work or try a new recipe.

2). Exercise Regularly

Physical Exercise is fundamental to boost your intelligence because in each exercise you generate new cells in your brain.

3). Train Your Memory

You have probably heard people who wish to have a better memory but do nothing to achieve it. In these cases it is best to exercise it, memorizing phone numbers or other important data.

4). Be Curious

For this, it would be good to question all the products, services and everything around you. This will help your brain to innovate and create (Visit the funniest way to be more creative and more productive ) new ideas.

5). Think Positive

Stress and anxiety kill your neurons and prevent the creation of new ones. To reverse this, think positively.

6). Eat Healthy

Your diet has a strong impact on your brain as it consumes more than 20% of the nutrients and oxygen we consume.

7). Read A Book

This is a beneficial way to encourage your imagination and boost your brain because when you read, you’re making an effort to imagine what is between the lines.

8). Get Complete Rest

When you sleep, you release the toxins as well as allow your body to remove dead cells.

9). Leave the GPS

This tool has made our life easier but it has also become lazier to our brain. If you leave it aside you will make your mind exercise to understand the routes, remember directions and interpret the classic maps.

10). Do Accounts Manually

Today it happens that we depend on the calculator to make even the simplest accounts. This is not good for your brain, so try exercising mental maths.

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