10 Ways To Think Positive Everyday


If you talk about being a positive person. Most of us think of optimism. Have an open attitude. Listen to the opinions of others. Of course, no one can dare say that it is a positive person. But if we come to try to explore themselves from the 10 ways to think that we bring. May we find out that we are a positive person. Just never know.


What is Positive Thinking?

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in the United States, Positive thinking is part of making yourself happy. The positive thinking is not the answer to what is right or wrong. But to think we have to understand what is going. Many people understand that positive thinking requires psychological help. But in fact, we can change ourselves into positive people at any time.

8 Benefits of Positive Thinkingwomen waking up

It is well known that positive thinking is making yourself happy. But the truth is also good for your physical and mental well. Especially the following good things will happen to us, of course, when we change people to think positive.

1.We have a normal blood circulation.

Positive thinking will make us feel like doing good things, such as eating healthy food, exercise and not stressful, so that our system of blood circulation is normal. Do not risk a disease related to the circulatory system, such as heart disease, stroke. And high blood pressure.

2.We will have better Cholesterol than bad Cholesterol

The results of the Harvard Medical School’s study in 2013, published in the Journal of the American Journal of Cardiology, suggest that positive thinking improves good body fat. Experiment with a group of middle-aged volunteers between the ages of 40-70 years, about 990 people who performed the daily happiness test. The result was that most volunteers enjoyed their daily lives. When the body is found to have a higher good Cholesterol level than bad fat. The reason is that people who are happy in life often choose to eat more useful than people who have stress.

3.We have a stronger immune system.

Positive thinking stimulates the cells in the body to function normally. The nutrient absorption necessary for the body. Including the use of energy to make us stronger. I can see from the cheerful. It is not easy to get sick.

4. We will have a healthy body and mind.

Most research revealed that. People who are optimistic are often physically and mentally healthy. Because they have only one trick. Make yourself happy by finding activities that do not leave you empty, such as exercising, planting flowers. Talking to neighbors, exercising, etc., these things drive them to a better quality of life. Because when mental health. The body is not strong. No easy illness And we do not have to take any medicine,

5. We will become less stressful with something simple.

People who are optimistic when the problem is often better than the pessimistic. Part of that is that they believe everything will be better. I will pass. They solve the problem more calmly.

6.We become cheerful

Optimism transforms our image into a more loving person. One is because we have an open attitude to listen to others. Be cheerful It is a good mood to make people see that we are good to come to know.

7.Able To handle all problems

Optimism will make us conscious of solving problems that arise. The results show that optimism makes us in no hurry to judge the story in front. We do not think of highs. And we will have a sense of where the essence of the problem lies. We can easily find a solution to the problem.

8.Travel More

Research from the University of London has tested positive thinking in relation to living. It has been tested by more than 243 year old volunteers over the past couple of hundred years. The result appears that. Most volunteers have a lifestyle like travel. They believe that travel makes learning more. Have seen the world in a wider angle. Let’s put a lot more. And all this leads to self-transformation as a positive person.

The power of positive thinking relieves illness.health-activities

According to a 1990 study, pessimistic people are often physically and mentally ill. The main reason is that the mental health is weak. So who has a chronic illness does not disappear a moment? Let’s face it, the common symptoms that often occur in one of the 15 illnesses that come from thinking negative if so, hurry to adjust your attitude quickly.

  • Stiff muscles, tendons, tendons.
  • Muscle pain without cause.
  • Often headache.
  • Chest pain without cause.
  • Sexual impairment.
  • Insomnia and sleep problems. Sleep Apnea.
  • Symptoms of the digestive system are not normal, such as indigestion, flatulence, etc.
  • Simple fatigue
  • Over Emotional
  • Feel depressed, anxious
  • Feel distracted
  • High tempers
  • Feel – I do not want to do anything. Do not want to social I want to be alone quietly
  • Eating habits are not normal like eating less than normal. Or voracious than usual
  • Swear words come out as often hurt others.

10 easy ways to train yourself to be positiveWomen Manopause

When you know the advantages of positive thinking. Let’s see how good it is to start being a positive person. Based on the recommendations of the research, Published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2006, reveals that there are two major types of people in the world: those who think so much about what they do not think. It is a very different character. But when researchers try to analyze the habits of both groups, they discover that they have a similar way of managing negative emotions – finding something that makes them happier. So let’s try to learn how to change oneself to positive thinking from these volunteer groups. How can we do it?

  1. Do not try to  make the world too beautiful.

Positive thinking and optimism in this place do not mean that we make a beautiful world. What’s up with all roses? But it is an adjustment of our perspective. Anything that is too negative, it will be neutralized. And what is too positive, it adjusts to fit. For example, If we have someone to plead. We do not just look at the optimism that he is a good-hearted to give us some kind of mind,

2. Not judge anything easy just see.

A positive start should come from a neutral idea. So what time do you like? I do not think it’s bad. I do not know what to do. Do not forget that positive thinking is wrong.

3.Friend Circle

It is a good idea to look for a friend who is cheerful and cheerful. To exchange good ideas. If you are with the Serious. Serious life. We can not even think for a moment. The results of the research revealed that. Stress is the emotional contact from one another. We do not always know that our attitude will gradually change. Until the behavior is clear that the habit. So if you want to start a positive thinking. Let’s walk in to the friendly people who are optimistic. Because they have a more open-minded view than the Serious. Serious life

4.Keep talking to yourself

Positive people always talk to themselves. This means considering yourself as having a negative side. What are the bad days? When he sort out negative thoughts. It will change the view of new ideas. Tell yourself that tomorrow is more optimistic than ever. And practice speaking positive sentences like I can learn. I have to try before, or I think this problem must be solved, etc.

5.Write about the good things that happen each day

It’s a way to help change into a more optimistic person. Just take 5 minutes before bedtime, review the event that you think is best. Then write a short note, such as today’s New Year’s drawings of the want to fit in. As a result of research published in the Journal of Research in Personality, says the record is beneficial to our health. Especially recording good experiences because when we write the story on the page. It shows that our brain is remembered, but good things, if you take notes on a daily basis. Our brain will reap the good news to write automatically.

6. Allow Yourself To Laugh

Laughing is a good reflection of how happy one is. It also adjusts the negative to better with so if the stressful day. Take 20 minutes to enjoy the little things like comedy movies, comic books. Talk to your close friends, draw pictures, sing, etc. If you make every day this assures that stress does not accumulate in mind, of course.


People who are meditating on a daily basis tend to be more optimistic than people who do not sit at all. One of the benefits of meditation. Because meditation is the practice of mind, let go of thoughts. Brain training not to think We will know that our emotions are happy or suffering. And if we meditate daily, our bodies and minds will not keep bad moods or bad stories to remember. The result is that we are happy and clear enough to try to do it, taking 5-10 minutes a day, it is also good to not meditate, it is a way to do yoga.

8. Be Flexible

To change yourself to think positive. One must start from the first to change the idea that everything must be exactly. It is a flexible idea. Because expectations are what may make us sad. Pessimistic So try to train yourself to have some flexible ideas. I do not feel stressed what it is not like.

9. Do not worry about what has not happened

Fear is a barrier that does not allow us to be optimistic. The brain is attached to the feeling that “fear that …” The truth may not be as we think. So change your mind to release more stories, what will happen?

10. Try Smiling For No Reason

A smile is a basic thing that makes us feel happy. So there is no smile. Let’s have a smile first. Instead of venting out bad words. Just try to smile for no reason and notice the difference in your mood.

Let’s see how the power of positive thinking can make our physical and mental health always. We can also do every day as a positive day. Just try to open your mind to a wider range of things.

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