11 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Nail Polish Color


When choosing a nail polish, you should pay attention to many points. First of all, this quality. You should also consider your skin type and the image that you want to create.

nail-polishHere are 11 rules for choosing a nail polish:

1. If your skin is very light, then do not choose a light blue, gold, green and yellow varnish.

2. Girls with marble skin are well suited for red, pink, berry shades. You can wear medium red shades and bright red.

3. For the average skin tone, dark red shades (such as Burgundy red, wine color), with a yellow and blue base, are ideal.

4. If your skin is olive, then avoid blue and violet, but neon pink, blue, orange, metallic, blue, silvery will look profitable.

5. For dark and dark skin are suitable for almost any shade. The most recommended are deep red and plum. The only color that should be avoided with a swarthy skin is bronze.

6. At a business meeting or an interview, it is better to choose neutral shades that do not attract the attention of the interlocutor: pale pink, beige, cream.

7. For the evening – more intense and dark colors of varnish. The best options for the party: red, gold, silver, bronze.

8. If in the store you are offered to test the polish before you buy, apply it on the entire nail plate in two layers, only then you will see the real color.

9. If you have a cheerful and flirtatious character, try pastel shades (green, blue, pink, purple).

10. At a dark color of nails, it is better not to wear jewelry with a lot of stones.

11. For the sensual appeal, use a glitter with glitter or at least a glossy fixer.

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