13 Hindrances To Happiness That You Must Avoid


man standing with arms upHappiness is not a placebo. It is a feeling that, when it is lacking, damages physical and mental health. Everything we do in our life is to bring happiness, but while doing it, we create so many hindrances/ obstacles without even knowing. So let’s understand what they are and how to avoid them.

  1. Stop proving your rightness

Sometimes we aspire to assert ourselves too strongly. Do not jeopardize a good relationship, do not hurt others, proving you are right. If you can not agree with someone’s point of view, you can simply agree with the fact of its existence.

2. Controlling Habit

Just let go. It is impossible to influence all situations and events that occur with you, let alone manage them. Everything and so it will be good if it is destined to be.

3. Guilt From Past

Wine demands punishment. Instead of blaming and punishing yourself, take responsibility for what happened to you. Responsibility is not so cruel; it requires only one: in the future, proceed in accordance with the conclusions drawn.

4. Over Self Analysis

Self-analysis is good, self-criticism can also take place within reasonable limits, but self-flagellation is a path to nowhere. Negative generates a new negative and no improvement for itself does not.

5. Complaining Habit

Stop complaining about life, people, everything that, in your opinion, makes you unhappy. People will not get better from complaints! In addition, people around us often spoil our lives, but our reaction to them.

6. Let Others Be Different

Each person is a whole new universe . Making him change, criticizing, stupid.

7. Don’t Forget To Be yourself

Impress someone, you can once, but in the second meeting, this someone will still see through you. Accept and fall in love with your “I” and do not wear masks. So you will not disappoint anyone.

8. Do not resist change

Life is movement. The one who stands still slowly dies. Basic human nature is to resist change no matter how good it is, so learn to go with the flow instead of being stagnant.

9. Do not stigmatize people

By hanging labels, you do not allow all sides of a person’s identity to unfold. Do not brand people who you do not know, or things you do not understand. This is what will limit you.
the law of the universe of karma

10. Let go of the past

The most difficult thing is to let go of the past. But this must be done. Otherwise, the future will not come, he has nowhere to come. To live in the present, but in thoughts in those days that can not be returned, is to stop in development.

11. Let go of fear of Future

You restrain yourself with your own fears. All of them are an illusion that exists only in your head. Change your inner attitude to the positive and the world will give you new opportunities.

12. Do not justify yourself.

You did not go to the gym, not because there was no mood, money, there was a lot of other work, but because you did not put the sport in the first place. The reasons for the lack of results are not important to anyone, the result is important.

13. Sometimes Forget about expectations of your parents, teachers, colleagues, the Spouse.

Following them, you will live their lives, and you need to think about your own. You have it alone if you do not believe in reincarnation. We are not telling you to be irresponsible towards your family but you need to find a space where you can be free from these worries for at least few hours everyday.

Live as your inner voice tells you, and not as others say. It is your conscience and the best adviser, figuratively speaking, the center of the universe.

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