14 Benefits Pandan Leaves For Skin Problems


 pandan leavesPandan (Pandanus Amaryllifolius) is a well-known plant growing in Asia, which is usually used for food because of its distinctive aroma. People who like to cook or people who know a lot about food are familiar with this plant.

The plant, which comes from a type of Pandanus (Pandan ), there are many species, one of which is usually easy to find . In Asian countries, especially in southern and southeastern countries, pandanum is widely used as an additional ingredient for cooking because it has a sweet and pleasant taste.

Because of its popularity as an additional ingredient in cooking many people do not know that in fact the plant has many advantages for the skin. Perhaps, after you learn about the health benefits of the pandanus, people will not use it only because of its pleasant and sweet flavor, but will also use it because of the potential benefits of pandanus leaves, especially for the skin.

Being useful means that pandanus has many nutrients in its content. So, we represent the nutritional value of the leaves of pandanas.

Nutritional content of pandanus leaves

The Pandan plant and especially the leaves contain a lot of nutrients, which makes it very useful for consumption.

The nutritional value:

Portion – 1 tablespoon (20 g)

Calories 59 Calories from fat 9 (15.3%)

  • Total fat content – 1g
  • Saturated fat – 1g –
  • Sodium 19 mg – 1%
  • Carbohydrates – 12g
  • Net carbohydrates – 12g
  • Sugar – 10g
  • Fatty acid
  • Amino acids

Amazing Benefits of Pandan Leaf

Pandan leaves have many health benefits, such as alleviating rheumatism, lowering high blood pressure, treating diarrhea, and many other benefits to treating illnesses and disorders, it can even cure a fever! However, in this article, we will only discuss the benefits of pandanus leaf health for the skin.

All organs of our body are important. But the body that we can constantly observe is the skin. Women especially care about her beauty. To treat your skin, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you can still use natural substances that have fewer side effects than chemicals.

So, we present the health benefits of pandan leaves for the skin:

1.Treatment of burns on the skin

Tannin is a substance contained in pandanum leaves, which can be used to heal injuries to the skin due to burns. It can restore your skin directly, so it will be smooth, healthy and beautiful, which was before the burn.

2.Prevents skin cancer

There are substances contained in the leaves of pandanas, which are called flavonoids. The substance is known in that it can fight free radicals and can also be used as an antioxidant in the body. That’s why it will help prevent cancer.

You can prepare a glass of tea with a small amount of pandanus leaves and regularly drink it so that carcinogens do not develop in your body.

3.Used as a cosmetic ingredient

For a long time, panda leaves have been used as one of the ingredients in the creation of cosmetics and herbal medicines for the skin. Because of its pleasant and sweet flavor, the plant was also used as a perfume in cosmetics.

4.Acne Treatment

Since pandan leaves contain some elements and substances that can be used as a source of antioxidants, pandan leaves can also be used to treat acne on the skin. You no longer need to worry about acne. The method of using it is to create a mask for the skin. You can mix pandan leaves with other ingredients such as lemon , honey, tomatoes, etc.

5. Say: “Goodbye” to the extended pores!

The problem of your facial skin is not only acne, but also enlarged pores! Acne is also caused by the expansion of the pores, so it is very important to cleanse the face properly. You can try to make a face mask with a mixture of pandan leaves, etc., such as egg yolk , and wait a few minutes. You must make a mask regularly to get the best result.

6.Prevents premature aging of the skin

Yes, there are many benefits of pandan leaves for skin health. The leaves of pandan contain a substance that can help remove dead cells on the skin and immediately restore it. You will feel younger than before, with bright and smooth skin, just using a mask from the leaves of the pandanus. You can also try to improve your health by applying olive oil .

7.Natural and healthy face

Pandanum leaves contain many vitamins, such as vitamin B3, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin D, which can greatly benefit you. The use of pandanas as food, as a drink, will help you to improve the skin of the face from the inside.

8.There are no more dark circles under the eyes!

Since pandan leaves contain many vitamins, and are also rich in antioxidants, they can be used to treat dark circles on your face. Try to use them daily until all of your dark circles disappear. Learn also about the benefits of pineapple for women .

9.Wrinkles? No thanks!

Even if you are still young, some of you may have wrinkles. It’s very annoying, because it can make us look older than we really are. Vitamins and minerals contained in pandan leaves will help you remove wrinkles.

Some other advantages that we can get, using the leaves of the pandanus:

10.Lighting skins

11.Restoration of skin cells

12. Skin smoothness

13. Source of antioxidants

14.Source of polyphenol

Some Precautions For using pandanus leaves

Pandanum has many benefits to your skin, but you do not need to eat too much pandan leaves, as it has a diuretic effect, and can also threaten your digestive system. You can also learn about the health benefits of lemongrass and pandanus leaves .

We hope that this article will be useful to you. Be healthy and happy!

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