14 Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds/ Makhana/ Foxnut


Lotus Seeds also are known as Foxnut or Makhana are knwn for its wide variety of health benefits. Lotus seeds are considered even more useful than dried fruits such as almonds and walnuts. Some of the health benefits of Lotus Seeds/ Makhana are:lotus-seeds makhana foxnut

1. For blood Pressure

Due to high potassium and low sodium, it is good for a person with hypertension. Lotus Seeds are also good for maintaining, stabilizing the blood pressure of the human body.

2. For the heart

Lotus seeds contain abundant magnesium which improves the flow of blood, oxygen and other nutrients. The nutritional content of magnesium and folate reduces the risks associated with coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

3. For weight loss

Makhana/ Lotus Seeds has high fiber and low fat. Apart from this, since lotus seeds are considered less in the glycemic index, they give you a sense of fulfillment and even help in weight loss.

4. For Insomnia

It can handle and control the inefficient condition of insomnia due to its natural sedative effects and improves sleep.

5. Anti Ageing

The methyltransferase enzymes present in foxnut helps in the repair and maintenance of damaged proteins within the body.

6. Removes Impotence

Lotus Seeds helps increase the sperm count in men and fertility in women thus prevent impotence.

7. For Weakness

According to some research, it is considered a good remedy for general debilitation defects.

8. Anti-Stress

The Foxseeds/ Makhana has a soothing effect and is antispasmodic, that relaxes your nerves.

9. Good for kidney

It also helps in reducing the risk of kidney problem by improving blood circulation in the body.

10. Relives Pathogenic Heat

Research has proved that makhana helps in the heart’s cooling process and reduces the pathogenic heat generated from it.

11. Prevent Inflammation

Lotus seeds are very rich in flavonoids; A natural chemical that can help reduce the risk and prevent inflammation.

12. Protein Rich

It contains high amounts of protein and gluten free, so it is an excellent breakfast to exercise regularly.

13. For Gums

Regular consumption of Makhana slowly fixes your gums problems. It also helps to cure pain in the mouth.

14. Increases Sexual Power

Consumption of Lotus Seeds improves sexual power and overcomes premature ejaculation and other sexual weaknesses.

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