14 Health Benefits of Raw Onion Juice


Suitable for inclusion in any diet, raw, roasted or its juice, the onion presents a broad range of benefits and properties. It’s a disinfectant, antibacterial and diuretic, its medicinal uses range from calming the cough and healing wounds, to strengthening the hair.raw onion juice

Originally Onion is from Central Asia and belongs to the family of Alliums – such as garlic, leeks and chives – which since the Middle Ages are used both in cooking and in medicine.

Onions can vary in shape, size, color and flavor. The most common types are red, yellow and white onions.

The various health benefits of onions include: reducing the risk of various types of cancer, improving mood and maintaining the health of the skin and hair.

Nutritional contribution of Onion

Belonging to the family of Liliaceae, the onion is the subterranean part in the form of a violet red yellow bulb of a small plant with hollow green round branches inside. The white onion is harvested in late spring and the coloured onions are harvested in late summer. It is grown in the European countries of the Mediterranean as well as in the Arab countries and Mexico.

Onion is a plant of mild and non-humid climates, it needs non-calcareous, loose, healthy, deep soils and rich in organic matter.

Onion has a caloric intake of only 45 calories per serving, it does not contain cholesterol, and it is low in sodium, which makes it a food suitable for inclusion in any diet.

As for vitamin content, it has vitamin A , B and C , and minerals such as phosphorus, sulphur, iodine, potassium, silicon, calcium and magnesium.

Health Benefits of Raw Onion Juice

  1. It stimulates the appetite and regulates the functions of the stomach.
  2.  It is diuretic, therefore it is an important means as depurative of the organism.
  3. It is very sulphur for all respiratory conditions since it relieves the constriction of the bronchi, which makes it the ally for asthmaticsIt is rich in Quercetin, which alleviates allergies, and its bactericidal properties will help asthmatics cope with respiratory infections.
  4. In cases of cough, cold, flu or bronchitis, a practical recipe is the juice of 1 onion along with the juice of 1 lemon and. Therefore tablespoons of honey. It takes this warm preparation and helps recovery.
  5. Whether raw, cooked or their juice, the onion helps in cases of constipation.
  6. It is a disinfectant, and in the case of ingesting it raw, it protects against infectious diseases. It helps to purify the blood, making it an ideal food to be included in the diet of those who have diabetes.
  7. Helps fight dandruff and hair loss when applied in juice form on the scalp frequently.
  8. The raw onion juice used once or twice on the face, gently massaging until its absorption helps remove impurities.
  9. Similar to garlic, the onion is a powerful food against rheumatism.
  10. Onion is very beneficial for the urinary system, it is particularly smooth to the prostate. It also helps to decrease uric acid, responsible for gout disease, which affects kidneys and joints.
  11. In cases of nosebleeds, half of a freshly cut onion on the back of the patient will help stop the bleeding. Breathing your scent gives the same result.
  12. In case of toothache or headache, the onion juice will help alleviate the symptoms.
  13. Applying it on wounds will help a quick healing, reducing the risk of infection.
  14. Half of a large onion on the bedside table serves to relieve symptoms of colds, difficulty breathing, or a lot of coughing.

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