15 High Protein Vegan Foods To Lose Weight


If planning to lose weight, a high-protein diet may help you control your hunger, helping you lose weight. People who take protein in the diet twice a day can reduce their weight because a high-protein diet boosts metabolism, reducing appetite thus reducing weight. Moreover, with good protein balance in their body, muscles are well developed. So if you are planning to lose weight, then it is important to know what vegan food to include in your daily diet so that you get plenty of proteins.


Broccoli is an ideal for losing weight because it’s so low in calories and high in essential nutrients. A 1-cup of raw of chopped broccoli has only 30 calories. If we compare it with beef, then 11 grams of Broccoli contains only 10 calories in comparison to beef whose 6.4 grams contain 100 calories.

2.Black rice

If you are fond of rice and you’re counting calories, then black rice should be your choice when compared to white/ brown rice. Black rice the lesser known rice is high in fiber, and a better source of protein than brown rice. It has all the essential minerals that white/ brown rice plus high fiber making it an excellent choice to reduce weight.

3.Wheat Grass Powder

By eating only one spoonful of wheat powder (wheat Sorghum powder), our bodies get folic acid, manganese and iodine-like elements with proteins, fiber, vitamin-A, and other vitamins. Also, it is helpful in reducing our weight. By eating one to one and a half spoon of wheat powder, we get 2 grams of protein.


People who eat fresh grapefruit every day can quickly lose weight in 12 weeks. And this without even changing their regular diet. It is because every grapefruit contains about 2 grams of protein.

5.Flax Seeds

Flexseeds/ Linseeds are considered very good for the stomach. Due to a lot of protein and fiber in it, two teaspoons of linseed per day is the excellent remedy for reducing weight and gaining muscle, while metabolism works smoothly.

6.Cocoa Powder

In the non-sweet cocoa powder, minerals like manganese are most abundantly found, which helps in building the muscles. Along with this, fat burning fiber is also found in it, which is very helpful for weight reduction.


Pea is also most helpful in weight loss. The body gets 3 grams of protein with every half cup of peas. You can eat peas after boiling and adding some salt in it.


Avocados are a good source of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber. Half an avocado contains around 160 calories.Avocados also have a fair amount of riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, copper, manganese, and antioxidants. It is also a great source of fiber.


Mushroom is the best choice for the proper muscle functioning because less than 40 calories are there in Mushrooms. Mushrooms are useful in losing weight because they are high in fiber, thus giving you a sense of full stomach with fewer calories.


Pomegranate, is called Protein Power House because one pomegranate contains about 5 grams of protein. The protein found in pomegranate is of its grain.


A cup oatmeal contains 6 grams of belly fat fighting fiber. It is also considered very good for boosting the metabolism.

12. Green Beansgreen-beans

Green bean is a green vegetable that is low in fat and high in dietary fiber. 100 grams of green beans ( about a cup) has 31 calories and 2.7 grams of fiber.


Pistachios increase body’s metabolic power and is an excellent source of protein for reducing weight. It is seen that eating pistachios reduces the cholesterol level to nearly 15 points. Along with this, blood sugar level is also lowered by it.

14. SpirulinaSpirulina Benefits

Spirulina is a magical herb for losing weight. It is best to take Spirulina (edible algae) in dry form because it contains 60 percent protein. Not only this, only 43 calories are in it.


Peanuts are full of nutrients, including protein, fibre, and heart-healthy fats. Protein and fibre help in satisfying hunger, making it easier to control your overall calorie intake during weight loss routine.

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