20 Natural Home Remedies for Period Cramps, Pains


Some women suffer more than others during periods, and sometimes, an analgesic is not enough to calm the menstrual/ period cramps. But natural has a solution for everything. Here are some home natural remedies for period cramps.

1. Reduce Salt Intake

Salt can cause you to swell and feel even more uncomfortable during these days. Avoid it as much as you can and prevent pain from aggravating.


2.Avoid Caffeinecoffee

Taking too much can make your cramps worse. It is recommended that you try to stay away from drinks or foods containing caffeine in it, such as cola drinks, tea, chocolate, and coffee, before and during the period.

3. Take a Relaxing Hot Bathhomemade herbal bath

A warm bath with good music and candles will help you to say goodbye to the period pain. The hot bath is known to soothe the muscles of your body, causing pain to relieve a lot. You can add Epsom salts, Rock salts into the water to make it rejuvenating.

4.Cold Pack

Some women find a cold compress to be more effective than the warm bath to relieve menstrual pain. Cold compress helps to constrict blood vessels, which provides relief from cramps. Ice pack prepared by placing ice in a zippered plastic bag and covering it with a towel can be placed in the abdomen for 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Add Cinnamon to Your Food


Cinnamon contains manganese, which helps to soothe the menstrual pain. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

6. Lemon Tea With Mintpeppermint tea

Mint is a natural antispasmodic. Eating a little mint will help ease your period aches and pains.

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7. Drink Chamomile Teachamomile tea

Chamomile tea is an excellent ally when it comes to fighting cramps, as it deflates muscles, prevents spasms and prevents the development of bacteria and fungi.

8. Drink Raspberry TeaRaspberry benefits

Raspberries will help relax your abdominal muscles, plus they taste delicious. Raspberries are very helpful in stopping excessive bleeding.

9. Sleep Wellsleep

Sleeping 6 to 8 hours at night will make your body feel rested and you will feel less the intense pain that menstrual cramps cause. Full sleep causes complete cell regeneration that is very much required in periods.


10. Calming ActivitiesGirl doing Mindfulness Meditation To Reduce Stress

The best thing these days is to stay relaxed. Find a good book and spend your evening at home, accompanied by soothing music. If you know meditation techniques, then this is the best time to do them.

11. Stay Hydrated

Water is super indispensable these days. Keeping you hydrated will reduce the swelling of those days. It will also compensate for the fluid loss your body has to face in those days.

12. Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

Your body, especially your belly, needs to be comfortable. Forget the tight clothing during these days and better wear those pants or those blouses that are much looser.

13. Light Exerciseexercise for menstrual cramp

Exercising these days can be very uncomfortable, but it helps increase the circulation of endorphins, which are a natural painkiller.

14. Add Carrots To Your Dietcarrot & its juice

The carrot facilitates the circulation of blood during those days. You can eat it raw, in juice or on a particular dish.

15.Massage Your Abdomen

Massaging your lower abdomen will help calm the pain almost immediately. You can do it with a little oil and it will also be totally relaxing.

16. Put a Warm Bag On Your Belly

A bag of hot water or a damp cloth will help calm the pain you feel inside. It will increase the blood flow to your stomach giving it a relaxing sensation.

17. Eating Foods Rich in Calciumnon dairy calcium

Several studies have shown that women who consumed about 1,200 mg of calcium per day or more witnessed a reduction in their menstrual pain. Calcium helps maintain normal muscle tone. Muscles rules that lack calcium tend to be hyperactive that cause menstrual cramps.

18.Basil LeavesTulsi basil leaves

The basil leaves are an excellent home remedy for menstrual problems. Basil leaves can be obtained in raw form or can be added in tea or as a spice in food. It can also be added in water and drunk for the relief of menstrual pain.

19.Coriander SeedsCilantro coriander leaves

Coriander seeds have inflammatory properties and other anti-vital properties which help in reducing menstrual pain and correcting irregular menstrual cycle.

20. Parsleyparsley

A juice made from parsley is beneficial in menstrual pains.By taking it twice a day, you can prevent the pain. Parsley tea can also be used for excessive menstrual pain.

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