3 Bad Habits That Spoil Your Hair 5/5 (1)


We subject the hair to a lot of tests and experiments. Some of our habits can affect the condition of our curls like following.lady doing hair

1. Rubbing and Combing Wet hair

When your hair is wet, they are especially vulnerable. Therefore, it is better not to rub them with a towel. Instead, gently squeeze out the hair and do not comb until it is wet. When your locks dry, use a comb with large teeth, start combing from the tips, gradually moving upward. It is advisable to allow the hair to dry up to 80% before picking up the hair dryer.

2. Using a Dirty Comb

A comb with entangled hair is an ideal place for the reproduction of bacteria, mainly if it lies in the bathroom. For combs, you need to take care of and thoroughly wash them at least once a month in warm water.

3. Overdrying Hair

The constant use of hot hairdryers, ironing or curling irons does not affect the condition of your hair positively. Hair should be nourished and returned to them with moisture and elasticity. To do this, you can use coconut oil as a night conditioner, in the morning it needs to be washed off with shampoo.

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