3 Step Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness Meditation


In today’s world stress has become part of our daily life so much so that it is taking a toll on our health. When you’re back at home or at work, you run into the whirlwind of do-do-do all the time leaving little time for rest. Escape is not a sustainable solution.If you experience stress regularly, and you want an effective way to handle it. Then you can do stress reduction through mindfulness meditation technique.Girl doing Mindfulness Meditation To Reduce Stress

How Stress Captures Us?

We all know the feeling of stress, a tight throat, trembling hands, cramped shoulders. The symptoms are immediately obvious to us, but what most of us do not know is that stress arises in our minds. We think that stress is caused by conditions in the outside world through an annoying quarrel or a train that just drives away in front of you. But what actually happens is that our brains produce negative judgments about a (usually neutral) event.

Because of those negative thoughts, stress hormones are secreted, and our body responds and a tight throat results. So stress is caused by our own thought process and usually has little to do with actual outside stimuli which just acts as a trigger to bring it out. Just look at passengers in an airplane: some enjoying it while others sweating from fear counting down the minutes.

Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

We can effectively reduce stress every day if we make sure to keep our thinking process under control. Instead of giving space to all kinds of negative thoughts, learn to acknowledge and let go. This is exactly what mindfulness: observe your thoughts and not let yourself drown in it.

But … mindfulness is still meditating something?

Initially, mindfulness training can be learned by meditating for few minutes every day to observe the thinking process. The disadvantage is that most people do not have the energy to sit every day on a meditation cushion. And so you keep running around stressed, even after following the mindfulness training.

Mindfulness in everything you do

The beauty of mindfulness is that you can follow it every day, in everything you do. The secret: attention. Once you give full attention to what is happening, you can clearly see what is happening in your thought process and then intervene.

Do mindfulness today

To reduce stress with mindfulness meditation you can try these simple steps:

1.Accept Your Stress

When you experiencing stress, acknowledge it. Resistance can not make it vanish. There is nothing wrong with this stress, it may just be there. So a few times take a deep breath and accept stress as it is.

2.Observe Your Thoughts

What comes now through your head? If you pay attention, are the thoughts that cause stress. These are negative thoughts about others, and may also be about yourself. Realize that the only thoughts and judgments are not the truth. So do not go blindly along with the waves of your mind.

3.Feel Your Body

In order to distract your brain from all those negative judgments, do concentrate on your body. Locate the stress in your throat, into your stomach or your shoulders. Breathe quietly and relax your muscles. Do not try to get rid of let but let it melt by not getting along with it.

Were you expecting more steps then the good news is that this is all it takes. If you try the above techniques daily then soon you will start to feel an amazing power of your brain. This will   give you confidence as you will know that you will happily sail through stressful situations with a smile on your face.

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