4 Tooth Nerve Pain Home Remedies


tooth nerve painA toothache often can be unbearable and even radiate to our head causing a lot of discomforts. When you are having toth nerve pain then hot and cold food items become a subject of phobia for us.

As you wait for the appointment with the dentist, you can, however, relieve the pain using various home remedies.

Some natural remedies and above all the remedies of our grandmothers are very effective when we have a toothache, not only to relieve pain but also to treat and disinfect the infection.

Follow our tips, are real miracles for the health of your teeth!

1. Clove: Miraculous Painkiller

You can relieve your toothache by applying and chewing a clove directly to the sore area. The clove is a sedative, it contains eugenol. Thanks to its analgesic and antiseptic properties, it is very effective to lessen the pain while waiting to go to the dentist.

You can also boil someone in a pot of water. Once cooled you can use the blend as a kind of mouthwash whenever you feel the pain again.

A small trick: the benefits of cloves are even more if you use the essential oil directly. Just drop a few drops of clove oil on a wadding ball that you will stick to directly on the painful tooth to make the pain disappear.

It is also good for children, you can dilute it with vegetable oil to suppress its pronounced taste or just apply it on your cheek.

2. Garlic and its Disinfectant Properties

The allicin contained in garlic has effective disinfectant and antibiotic properties against the pain caused by a toothache.

If you have it in the fridge, do not hesitate to use it even if the odor is not the most pleasant! Crush a clove of garlic and apply it simply to the teeth and around the gums. Insured assurance!

3. Sodium Bicarbonate:  As an Antibacterial

Tooth infections come from bacterial accumulation and microbial proliferation. Sodium bicarbonate, thanks to its antibacterial action will do miracles and will deepen your mouth.

Use it by gargle, one spoon for a glass of warm water several times a day. Dealing directly with the infection will also help to greatly reduce the pain.

4. The Ice Packs: For Numbing

If you do not have handles of cloves, garlic or even baking soda, you can apply ice on the sore cheek.

Ice prevents the pain from spreading and therefore fades it.

Do not forget to wrap the ice in a cloth or inside a cold pack bag to avoid burning your skin.

Since some have cold-sensitive teeth, if this remedy accentuates pain instead of decreasing it, stop using it.

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