6 Foods That Detox The Body Fast


Lack of energy, constant discomfort and changes in your body can be symptoms that you are absorbing toxins that your body does not process.

It has all happened to us, that we constantly have health problems , be it headaches, gastritis, diarrhea, flu or changes in hair and skin.

This can be because your body is not 100% fulfilling its function of absorbing the necessary nutrients or absorbing toxins from food or the environment.

There are thousands of recipes and remedies that allow the body to detoxify. However, it is important to start a diet that allows you to keep your body free of toxins and, in turn, every time you consume them, help us get rid of them.

Foods That Detoxify your body Fast

As we have discussed, it is important to maintain a diet that helps to purify excess toxins.This will make us feel much more energetic, more active and, of course, with better health.

Here is a list of some foods that, thanks to their contribution of antioxidants, will help to detoxify your body:


Beetroot is excellent for purifying blood and nourishing it, just as it does for the liver.This vegetable is responsible for cleaning it to improve its performance due to a variety of natural compounds that make it a unique food.


lemon water

Ideal for cleaning the liver due to its high contents of vitamin C. Lemon juice helps to filter the toxic chemicals for the body.


raw garlic

Garlic is excellent for fighting bacteria and intestinal parasites and, in addition, helps to clear the airways of mucus. You can take Garlic in the form of tomato garlic soup,in vegetables, even raw with water like capsules.



Apple cider vinegar

Apples contain high levels of a type of fiber called pectin, which is excellent for removing toxins, especially from the intestines and digestive tract.


They have antibiotic properties, which makes them ideal for combating bacteria, especially in the urinary tract. Thus, blueberries help fight cystitis and care for the kidneys.


These are full of fatty acids such as omega-3, excellent for cleansing the body in general. The best way to consume these foods is naturally, raw.

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