5 Fundamental Beauty Tips


Girl Face GlowingFollow these tips daily. Remember that having a balanced diet, the use of masks and regular treatments will keep you beautiful.

1. Exfoliate your skin

Do it a minimum of three times a week. Once a day is even better, especially if your skin is excessively dry. The exfoliation process removes the layers of dead cells and gives your fresh, moist skin the chance to breathe, such as allowing the moisture to absorb better after the process.

The fat glands in your skin cannot reach the outer layers of dead skin, so it is advisable to exfoliate them and enable fats to hydrate the living cells of your skin naturally.

2. Moisturize and protect your nails

For dry and fragile nails, rub Vaseline or cream on them to keep moisture near and under your nails. If you do this at bedtime, put on a pair of thin cotton gloves before going to sleep. Use vinyl gloves every time you wash the dishes or do other household chores that require you to put your hands in water. (Vinyl is better because people with nail problems tend to have more sensitive skin to the rubber.) And avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone or formaldehyde. Dry your nails gently; use nail polish remover with acetate base.

3. Avoid the destroyers of your skin

This means that you have to avoid these three things: smoking, tanning chambers and sunbathing. Although a little sunlight is fine, make sure to use sunscreen and avoid staying under it for a long time. Doctors agree that these three factors can be extremely damaging to your skin and have side effects that can be potentially harmful to your life.

4. Put an egg in your hair … yes, egg

Mix an egg with a small amount of shampoo, apply it to your hair for five minutes and rinse well. This ‘shampoo helps you to feed the proteins in your hair .

5. Wash your face with Herbal products

Wash your face and neck with a natural herbal cold cream and continue with rose water and glycerin. Rinse twice a day to remove contaminants that damage your skin.

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