5 Health Benefits of Eating Raspberry

Raspberry benefits
Strengthens heart , helps to lose weight, is necessary for pregnant women

Raspberry contains a large number of food plant fibers – especially indigestible cellulose, – many micronutrients and vitamins (potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, A, B vitamins). Raspberry is distinguished by an aspirin-like substance that promotes blood thinning, has an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. Therefore, tea with raspberries or raspberry juice is especially good for people with a risk of thrombosis, inflammatory diseases of the joints, veins, with angina and acute respiratory viral infection with temperature.

1.Raspberry For Healthy Heart

As per a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: the consumption of foods rich in flavonoids – such as raspberries alone – reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

The Harvard Public School of Health, conducted a study in which 93,600 women aged 25 to 42 years took part. As a result, scientists found that regular use of berries rich in anthocyanins – these substances belongs to flavonoids reduces the likelihood of a heart attack by 32% in young and middle-aged women.

2. Raspberry Improves Fertility in Men

According to a study conducted by The US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory in 2012, scientists found a link between high intake of vitamin C and the integrity of the sperm DNA. The latter directly affects whether a woman becomes pregnant or not. In the experiment, 80 non-smoking men aged 22 to 80 years participated. Spermatozoa of those who consumed more vitamin C, were damaged by 20% less. This fact suggests that a high chance of having children is not only in young boys but also in older men.

3. Raspberries Contain Folic Acid

The value of folic acid for women who are planning a pregnancy or have become pregnant has long been denied. This substance provides a healthy development of the child and helps prevent the occurrence of congenital disabilities. In a cup of raspberries contains about 14 mcg of folic acid. Now, girls, you know what to add to the morning porridge and cottage cheese.

4.Raspberry Helps To Avoid Obesity

Raspberry-like other fruits and berries – contains fiber: it improves the functioning of the intestines, cleans the gastrointestinal tract (and not any detox-juice ), relieves cholesterol and normalizes the level of insulin in the blood, and high consumption of this substance reduces the likelihood development of bowel cancer. But that’s not all. After the dietary fiber enters the stomach, they swell and increase in volume. Due to this property, the feeling of satiety appears faster and lasts longer, which means that the hand is unlikely to reach the dessert after the first and second dishes. It is better to replace this dessert with a handful of raspberries.

5.Raspberry Improves Memory

On this score, several experiments were carried out, but all of them were over animals. But we do want to believe in this property of raspberries, that we cannot but tell about the results of the research. As a result of these experiments, a link was found between the use of foods rich in flavonoids and memory improvement. Still, scientists have noticed: such products can brake process of decrease in the cognitive abilities connected with aging.

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