5 Health Tips For School Students That Parents Must Know


zWhat should be done to keep the child’s health at the beginning of the school year?

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Health of a schoolboy: Advice of pediatricians for Parents

The experts of the American Journal of Infection Control (USA) made a list of simple tips for preserving the health and well-being of students. Tense studies, school stresses can not but affect the health of the student. Therefore, parents need to take care of their children in advance and strengthen their body and the health of the child.

1. The first tip of American pediatricians is to give children breakfast cereals and foods that include protein, carbohydrates with fiber, omega-3 fats and minerals such as calcium and iron. Such a selection of vitamins and minerals is justified by the results of many years of observations by scientists. The latter found that children who regularly receive all these nutritious elements learn better in school and suffer less during the school year.Mother Holding her kid

2. Secondly, urgently teach children to wash their hands as often as possible. This is the simplest method of hygiene against the spread of microbes and pathogens. Researchers conducted a number of calculations and found that 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted through the hands. Therefore, the issue of personal hygiene is one of the most important while preserving the health of the student. At school, children do not always have the opportunity to wash their hands. Soap and water, in this case, moist antibacterial wipes.Mother & Child

3. The third council is also related to the diet. Provide the child with products that enhance immunity. The pupil’s diet should include fruits and vegetables, and dairy food. Children often replace normal diet with junk food resulting in many health challenges and growth related hindrances.So, children must be taught that they should not become slave of their tongue’s taste.

4. Fourthly, the habit of cleaning and washing the nasal passages of children is of great importance. Thanks to this, microbes cannot penetrate into the paranasal sinuses.children eating

5. Do not forget about physical activity – regular sports is very crucial for health. This helps to keep the immune system “alert” and improves mood. Thanks to physical culture and sports, children are less sick and suffer from stress if they follow that.

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