5 Negative Consequences Of Poor Sleep


Not getting adequate rest can influence our health and even our behaviour towards others, since we will be more irritable. It will also cost us more to concentrate.

Despite not being considered as one of the habits and healthy lifestyles for many, sleeping well is one of the most important things regarding the preservation of mind and body.

The human being requires at least 8 hours at night in order to fully refresh us by repairing our cells.

The quality of sleep also matters a lot; a sound sleep is required every night to keep us healthy and energetic.

At present, the human being enjoys bad night habits; Broadly, these can be associated with the misuse of technology.

However, the idea is not to lay blame on something used poorly, but on the contrary: the main objective of this article is to highlight the consequences of undue rest, which translates into poor sleep.

Negative Consequences of Poor Sleep

Based on the above, we will expose the worst effects of not resting properly.

1. Emotional Imbalance

There is the possibility of noticing sudden changes in the way people react tired. By not sleeping well, these tend to worsen.

In a nutshell, the most common thing about an individual of this type is to find him in a bad mood or, at best, an extreme excess of joy (though unlikely).

However, it is also possible that such an event occurs, as the regions responsible for controlling emotions at the brain level are activated up to 60% when they do not rest enough.

2. Bad Eating Habits

Although it may seem a bit out of context, not eating right is also responsible for bad sleep and visa-versa.

People with lack of sleep tend to intake excessive amounts of food. In this way, overweight and other diseases associated with it arise.

This increase in body weight is due to the intense desire to consume foods that are not conducive to health. These are often high in calories and carbohydrates.

3. Lack of Concentration

People with poor sleep habits are more likely to become easily deconcentrated.For such reason, not sleeping enough quality time greatly influences the ability of the senses. That is, eye-hand coordination and eye-foot coordination are not the best.

In this vein, it is best to avoid performing complex tasks and try not to endanger physical integrity.


4. Physical Deterioration

This consequence is one of the most worrisome on all for those people focused on the physical aspect.

While the aesthetic part is often relevant to many, some individuals see it as a whole, and of course, it is one of the factors most affected by not sleeping well.

One of the functions of sleep is repairing; At night, the body is responsible for improving the appearance of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing the tissues.

For this reason, when a suitable sleep is not practiced, the process is hampered and may cause deterioration of the skin quality.

5. Increases Heart Disease Risk

The cardiovascular system is one of the most affected when you do not have good habits related to rest.

Firstly, the poor diet caused by this problem generates collateral damage in the coronary valves, as these are obstructed by fat levels.
And, secondly, the heart is constantly weakened. This is when the possibility of a heart attack increases.

How to Sleep properly?

In order to avoid the negative consequences listed throughout the article, in closing, we would like to emphasize some key points to improve such a relevant habit.

Quality: Sleeping can be very beneficial for health, as long as it is done well. With regard to the quality of rest, we recommend a comfortable, pleasant and low-light.

Time: We can not forget that, even if there is comfort or quality, if time is not enough, sleeping will not do any good.

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