5 Reasons To Quit Smoking You Did Not Know


quit smokingTobacco is harmful to health. Everyone knows this and even so large population smokes, according to the latest Eurobarometer data by the European Commission.

Cigarette smoking is a major cause of death in the United States, ie; more than 480,000 deaths per year, ie;1 in every 5. In addition, Spain is in line with other European countries such as France or Germany to quit this habit.

There are tips to help stop smoking and keep the decision to do so (just as important as deciding to quit). Here re few reasons that may help you forget the pack and cigarette lighter forever:

1. If you smoke, your child will smoke

With tobacco, we face a triple dependence. On the one hand, is physical dependence nicotine, which is what engages people: smoking this substance causes a series of effects on the brain and produces relaxation and pleasure, among others; When lowering the nicotine level the body asks for more.

Secondly, we have a psychological dependency. We are talking about having a coffee with a cigar, concentrating on lighting a cigarette, talking on the phone while taking turns, etc. All this creates a psychological dependence. ”

Finally, we have social dependence. Tobacco means smoking within a social norm. And in that context, the family plays an important role. If children see their parents do not smoke, they understand that it is not normal to smoke and vice versa.

2. Nicotine is just as harmful regardless of what you smoke

Smoker is one who has smoked a cigarette a day in the last month, as defined by the World Health Organization.

That nicotine is present in all cigarettes. However, there are those who consider that if they smoke sporadically or only one cigar a day, the impact that this substance will have on health will not be so harmful.

As per vice president of CNPT : Person who smokes three packs a day has a greater risk of having lung cancer. The risk is even higher for those having cardiovascular problems.

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3. Cigars low in nicotine or tar do not reduce the risk of illness

The tobacco industry has been trying for years to make the products more attractive, creating, for example, light cigars (which are no longer marketed in many countries) or low in nicotine or tar.

4. Thirdhand Smoke

Do you know what thirdhand smoke or third-generation smoke is? It is the tobacco smoke that is left in the places where it has been smoked. This leaves nicotine particles deposited on carpets, furniture, clothing and other surfaces. The problem is that these microparticles react with ozone and are just as harmful as ambient smoke.

These particles can remain for hours on the surfaces allowing their entry into the lungs even if no one is smoking.

5. You can Go Cruising

The expert points out that one of the most motivating things to quit is the money that can be saved throughout the year.

If a person spends between 4 and 5 euros a day on a packet of tobacco, that is equivalent to 150 euros a month and approximately 1,800 euros a year. Imagine the trip you could make with that money next summer!

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