5 Reasons To Drink Warm Water In The Morning


Girl Sipping Warm WaterWater is necessary for all life forms on Earth. It is an important component in a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, according to a study conducted at Harvard, many Americans do not receive enough water, which can lead to a number of problems. This causes poor concentration, and muscle pains, and bad breath.

The recommended amount of water for most can seem staggering. On average, doctors recommend about 3 liters for men and about 2.3 liters for women. But there are a lot of nuances. For example, if a person weighs 150 kilograms, he needs to drink about 4 liters of water a day. Those who are physically more active, who drink dehydrating drinks (such as coffee) or eat a lot of salty foods, need to drink even more water to compensate for its lack.

A dietician from Boston College Sheila Tucker recommends not to wait until you feel thirsty. Any water is always better than its absence, but warm water, especially on an empty stomach, will do more than quench your thirst. Here are five advantages of a cup of warm water instead of a glass of ice.

1.Accelerates Metabolism

Warm water in the morning will help the body burn fatty tissues. If a cup of plain warm water seems unattractive, you can add lemon to improve taste.

2. Reduces Menstrual Cramps

Warm water will increase blood flow and help relax the muscles for a general soothing effect. It is also recommended to drink warm water and to reduce muscle spasms.

2. Promotes Well-being

Not only are there fewer bacteria in boiled water than in cold water, hot drinking water can enhance the body’s natural protective properties. Warm water improves blood circulation and reduces the amount of mucus in the sinuses and throat, making it difficult to develop infections.

3.Helps in Digestion

Warm water flushes the oils out of food. If you drink it in the morning – it will help the stomach to work smoothly and causes easy bowl movement.

4.Natural Detoxification

Warm water naturally cleanses the body. The intake of water leads to an increase in body temperature and increases blood circulation, thereby helping the body to naturally get rid of toxins and waste. Do not forget that these benefits complement many other reasons, thanks to which your body will be healthy.

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