5 Steps To Protect Yourself from Viral Infections


The transmission of viral infections like meningitis occurs through the air by inhaling droplets of saliva contaminated with the virus or by eating food contaminated with the saliva or feces of the person who has the disease.

The sick person can affect everyone around you and so even if you have a good immune system and never get sick, look at 5 strategies you need to take to avoid getting sick:

1. Do Not Eat On The Same Plate

The virus can pass from one person to another through saliva. Thus a sick person can leave traces of the virus on the dish, glass or cutlery while feeding, and if you take the sip of juice, soda or eat the same dish of the infected person, there is a risk that you also get sick. So if you know a person who has meningitis avoid getting too close to her and do not use the same crockery as her, without first washing very well with soap and water.

2. Do not stand around People Coughing

If someone is sick and sneezes or coughs near you, all the air around you may be contaminated because during coughing and sneezing droplets of saliva and sprouts are released through the air and can enter your body through your breathing. In times of epidemics, you should avoid being around sick people and you should also avoid enclosed places with little air circulation such as offices, movie theaters, theater, schools or some churches, for example.

It may be helpful to offer a packet of disposable tissues to anyone who is coughing or sneezing for the person to use and throw away whenever necessary to avoid contaminating others.

3. Do not share your Drink

It’s not because that your friend or ballad kitten looks like a decent and healthy person that you can have a caipirinha or a beer of the same glass as him. This person may be contaminated and you may become seriously ill. So if you want to go out for a drink, be sure to have a glass of your own and if you eventually go to the bathroom and then come back, be careful to order a new drink because your glass may already be contaminated. Ever wondered if he sneezed or coughed around and the viruses looked good in your glass?

4. Do Not Kiss Strange People

It’s okay that person is beautiful and it’s up to you and it’s impossible to miss the possibility of giving a little kiss, but have you ever wondered if you get sick? The person may already be contaminated and can pass the virus on to others even before presenting the symptoms. So the best strategy is to not kiss strangers and not get too close to people you just met and do not know hygiene habits well.

5. Avoid Public Restroom

Have you ever thought that if the person is sick person, went to the bathroom before you and did not wash their hands before touching the door handle or tap? Panic! . So it is always advisable to avoid public restrooms unless its an emergency.

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