5 Ways To Say I Love You Without Saying Those Words


drink waterActions matter more than words. There are many people who say ” I love you ” to their partners, but they do not behave like lovers. Say it and feel it are different things , so if you want a way to show the love you feel for your partner, but you prefer your actions speak for you, you can do some of these gestures of love .

1. Cook Her / His Favorite Dish

What can be more romantic than cooking for the other? Something as simple as preparing a homemade dish to wait for your partner after a long day of work says much more than all the cheesy words that you can think of.

2. Do something nice for him or her for no reason

The unexpected gestures of love are much more significant than something planned, why? Because it shows that you are willing to do things for the other without being asked and it also means that you will be when your partner needs it.

3. Thanks

With the passage of time we began to take some things for granted, like the other will always be there and will listen to us when we need it, but that is not the case. Everyone decides what to do with their time and thanking your partner for being in your life will make them feel more appreciated and loved.

4. Listen

There is nothing better when you have a problem than knowing that you have a person to whom you can trust everything. You can be that person for your partner and in that way strengthen the bond between the two.

5. Take A Trip Togatherrelationship hands in hand

They do not have to go abroad for an expensive vacation, simply with an exit to a neighboring city or a weekend of camping can be enough to break the routine and re-ignite the passion .

Love is in the simplest things, not in the big gestures and these small but important actions can say more than words.

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