6 Benefits of Following HIIT Exercise Routine At Home


HIIT High-Intensity-InterHiit, which is High-Intensity Interval Training, that is, training in high-intensity intervals, has caused a furor among the fit girls.

It consists of short series of explosive exercises with a high level of intensity and a short recovery time between sets. A discipline that mixes cardio, endurance and a lot of coordination. The most common last 20 or 25 minutes, and you can burn up to nine times more calories than an hour of jogging or elliptical.

Agustina Valenzuela , who was recruited by adidas to perform a massive class of Hiit to four thousand women in the Power Tri, next October 21 , knew this discipline in the United States and immediately knew that in Chile would like.

“It’s the best training in the shortest possible time. That is the phrase that describes what the Hiit is. Always the most repeated excuse in the whole world and in Chileans, not to exercise, is ‘I do not have time’ and most of the time it is so. That’s why I understood that it was the best alternative. With 20 minutes, three times a week, enough, ” says Agustina, who is also the founder of Umove , a center that teaches Hiit to hundreds of women in Santiago.

Benefits of Hiit

Agustina then lists the reasons why you should start practicing this sport:

1. It is for all types of people

We can all do it, the Hiit is something progressive. The exercises have a variation for a beginner, normal and advanced. It is not necessary to have a previous exercise base, nor do you need to be fit to practice it.

2. Post-exercise oxygen consumption

By speeding up your metabolism the Hiit allows your body to continue burning calories for the next 24 to a 48-hour range.

3. Works mind and body

A person has to give 30 seconds of maximum intensity, for this the concentration and connection between mind and body is fundamental.

A discipline that mixes cardio, endurance and a lot of coordination. The most common lasts 20 or 25 minutes.

4. Coordination and strength

Improve your muscle mass by a large percentage and at the same time burn your body fat.

5. Flexibility and balance

The exercises not only focus on strength, also on your elongation and balance.

6. At any time and place

You do not need a special place to practice it. When you have someone to teach you a routine or who guides you through a video, you can do it outdoors, at home or at a gym.

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