6 Health Benefits of the Leptocarpha Sunflower


The Leptocarpha Sunflower is a herb of Chile region, which stands out for multiple properties, including its ability to fight against cancer.Leptocarpha Sunflower

In Chile’s Mapuche culture gives medicinal use of the “black stick” (Leptocarpha). This is a plant that can be found in the regions of the Maule and the Lakes, with a height of almost 2 meters, this powerful plant contains leptocarpine. It inhibits the synthesis of proteins in cancer cells is why today it is commonly used to fight cancer and other diseases.

Benefits of the Leptocarpha Sunflower

1.For Treatment of Cancer

Leptocarpha Sunflower can fight cancer because it contains numerous leptocarpine cells that prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body.

2.Combat Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease with a symptom of an increase in blood sugar level, here this herb helps in reducing the sugar levels in the blood thus controls diabetes.

3.Beneficial in Prostate Problems

The prostate is part of man’s reproductive organs, when inflamed produces painful discomfort, burning sensation when urinating, fever, difficulty urinating, feeling chills and tiredness.

4.Powerful Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation affects the immune system giving rise to foreign pathogens in both viruses and bacteria, many times these annoyances influence us. Leptocarpha is very useful in such situations and studies back it.

5.For Liver

The liver converts proteins and carbohydrates into fats, has great importance in the metabolism of lipids, and forms blood. When this fails we feel more tired and with various discomforts. Leptocarpha helps in protecting our liver.

6.Stomach Compound

The stomach is an organ that lies between the oesophagus and the small intestine.It is possible to alleviate some gastric problems with the power of the leptocarpha as it has properties to alleviate with the stomach pains.

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