6 Tips To Sit In A Chair With Good Posture


The correct posture to sit in the chair avoids back pain and prevents the development of hyperkyphosis, popularly known as ‘hump’.correct posture tips

To maintain good sitting posture it is important to have strong and sufficiently elastic muscles and therefore it is also recommended to do stretches daily, at home, at school or at work.

The 6 tips for maintaining good posture are:

  1. Do not cross your legs and leave them slightly apart, with your feet flat on the floor, but it is important that the height of the chair is the same distance between your knee and the floor.

2. Sit on the bone of the butt and turn the hip slightly forward.

3. Keep your back straight, maintaining the normal curvature of the spine. The  lordotic curvature must exist even when seated, and when viewed laterally, the column should form a smooth S;

4. Place your shoulders slightly back ,this will straighten your neck and prevent neck pain.

5. The arms should be hanging along the body or the forearms should be supported on the work table.

6. Look at the center of the computer screen and keep your chin parallel to the floor. Make the most of having to lower your head to read or write on a computer, if you need to go up the computer screen by placing a book underneath.

The head weighs an average of 5 kg, and if you lower your head to read, the spine will have to support a weight as if the head weighs 13 kg, which can lead to a headache, back pain, shoulders and even hernia. disk.

When the subject sits maintaining good posture there is a uniform distribution of pressure on the intervertebral discs and the ligaments and the muscles work harmoniously, avoiding a wear of all the structures that support the spine.

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