7 Essential Foods for Skin Health 5/5 (1)


Our diet really affects our skin quality and texture, so it is important to eat the right food. What we eat directly affects our metabolism, hormone balance, and overall energy levels.Girl Face Glowing

In fact, what you eat can be just as important as anti-age creams and creams that are applied to the skin. Here are some of the most beneficial foods for a fantastic skin.


Avocados are an excellent source of biotin, which helps prevent dryness of brittle skin, hair and nails. When applied on skin, they can moisturize the dryness of the skin.

The oil in avocados contains natural vitamin E which acts as an emollient resulting in smoother skin

2.Green Tea

If you plan to maintain healthy skin, the green tea should definitely be on your list of drinks. Green tea contains polyphenols which help in keeping the skin nourished. If you have dry skin then take green tea in moderation as it tends to increase dryness.


A German study found that tomato paste is rich in lycopene, which helped test participants to prevent sunburn when combined with olive oil, with a daily application for ten weeks.
In addition to being a great source of antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are considered a food with a high content of carotenoids. These nutrients can help delay cell damage from free radicals.

4.Olive Oil

Consuming of olive oil (about 2 teaspoons or 8.4 grams a day) was linked with 31% reduction in the signs of aging in comparison to people who ate less than 1 teaspoon a day. Olive oil outperformed the other oils tested, including sunflower and peanut. It’s because 75% of the fat in olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids, which can play a vital role in boosting youthfulness. The polyphenols in olive oil may also remove harmful free radicals.


When applied topically, this fruit rich in antioxidants can help the skin create more collagen while accelerating skin healing. This helps in rejuvenating the skin keeping us younger.


Are you thinking about adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, but are not you a fan of fish? Nuts are a rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve hair shine and make the skin softer and younger.

7.Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds have lots of Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are very useful for our skin. Hemp seeds also help people with dry skin and eczema thus promoting a healthy skin.

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