7 Foods That Improve Metabolism Naturally


Runners RunningThe following foods are very useful to lower the accumulated fat amounts that we do not need and contribute to improving the metabolism.

It is good to keep in mind that the metabolism is different for each person, either for genetic reasons, for excessive sedentary lifestyle or a diet not suitable for your type of organism.

GREEN TEAMatcha green tea

Green tea has many benefits, it is even famous for its antioxidants. In terms of improving metabolism, it also helps us a lot, thanks to a compound called EGCG; which helps us burn calories.

WATERdrink water

We all know the importance of keeping our body hydrated, by not having a good hydration our body is affected by slowing down the metabolism. Take between 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is very important so that many of the functions of the body are carried out correctly.


Chilies provide vitamin C, although they are not recommended for people with colon problems or sensitivity, they can help improve metabolism thanks to a compound they have called capsaicin.


Caffeine is prohibited for many people and medical cases in particular, but for people who can take it easy, avoiding excess; It is very useful when it comes to improving your metabolism. A study published in Physiology & Behavior found that people who drank coffee that contained caffeine had more than 15% metabolic improvement than people who drank it without caffeine.

CALCIUMnon dairy calcium

Milk gives us calcium, but it is a big problem for many people who suffer from different skin, stomach or intestinal problems. The good thing is that calcium can also be obtained from oranges, spinach, eggs, natural dark chocolate, fish, alternative milks such as soy and nuts.


The best options are oats and brown rice, although the benefit for metabolism is perceived with most whole foods. Whole grains have many benefits as well as helping to reduce sugar levels, in this case they are recommended as they help to burn fat that we do not need. This is possible because the organism carries out more complex tasks by breaking them down, compared to processed grains such as white bread or pasta.


With the lentils we return again to the importance of iron, the organism can not carry out many functions necessary to improve the metabolism by its deficiency, like the burning of fats or calories. When a cup of lentils is consumed we provide our body with more than 30% of its daily iron needs.

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