7 Signs Of Negative Energy In Home


haunted homeCall it negative energy, devil, the witch, the evil spirit, the ghost, the poltergeist – all this is not only are the name of fantastic horrors movie but also a part of our real life. At least, people with paranormal abilities are certain of this.

“The mistake of many people,” says the psychic Verona Orlova, “is not believing in evil spirits and underestimating her abilities.” However, all kinds of energy beings, having settled in your apartment, can bring a lot of troubles to your life. So be vigilant: listen to yourself and your environment, it can tell you a lot. Evil spirits are basically the souls of dead who were evil or those who have been sent with purpose using Vodoo or other forms of black magic.

Together with a specialist, we gathered seven main signs that in your home not the most pleasant neighbor settled.

7 signs that there is an unclean force in your house

1. Lack of coziness

In your own home, it becomes terribly uncomfortable, without a reason you want to leave the house and it is extremely difficult to return there as if invisible threads pull you away. Relatives and relatives also do not rush to visit you. And the negative things in life are becoming more and more because of constant baseless quarrels between family members.

2. Unknown fear

Staying in your own apartment becomes not only unpleasant, but also scary: there is a feeling that someone is constantly watching you, whispering something in your ear, knocking on the doors of lockers and rooms, turning on a microwave oven or TV in the middle of the night, playing the piano or even talking.

3. Lost Items

Lately, you have been catching yourself more and more often at the thought that at the right moment you can never find the necessary things as if they magically disappeared. Although you definitely remember that you put the object so that it was at hand. And in general, the habit of putting all things in their place has not gone anywhere, but only now they regularly disappear.

4. Bad Dreams

The sensation of something strange does not leave you and during the rest. Do you dream of strangers and places where you have never been? But how is this possible?! After all, a dream is an echo of our memory. Maybe someone wants to say something to you in this way?

5. You hear Sound

You hear strange sounds. Deaf steps, creaks, rustles, whispers, laughter, and crying are another sign that you are not alone in the house.

6. Indoor plants Die Often

Indoor plants do not get accustomed, they perish for no reason whatever care you give them.

7. Pets behave strangely

And even pets behave very strangely: they look into emptiness and manifest aggression as if something is being seen in it.

If you are watching all this in your own home, the main thing is do not wind yourself. Maybe you are just tired and all you need is to have a proper rest. And any negative energy in the house “cures” the manifestation of positive. In anything: in thoughts, emotions, actions. As soon as you drive away the darkness from your own head and heart, so the house will immediately become brighter.

How To Claer Negative Energy:-

1. Burn Sage Daily
2. Use Reiki videos for Room Clearing
3. Keep Holy Water and sprinkle it in all rooms daily.
4. Use lemon, rotate it from your head 7 times and throw it in some secluded place.
5. Get in touch with some psychic .

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