7 Signs That You Suffer From Vitamin-D Deficiency



How common is vitamin D deficiency?

Many studies have been done to know in what proportion this exposure is presented and it has been found that the index is currently very high:

– 32% of people in the United States have vitamin D deficiency.

– 50% of children between 1 and 5 years old and 70% of children between 6 and 11 years old are deficient in Vitamin D.

– 50% of the population is at high risk of developing the deficiency condition in this essential nutrient for the body.

Researchers have also shown that deficiency in this vitamin is present in people who use sunscreen or do not perform outdoor activities. People with a darker skin tone may also be more susceptible to developing this deficiency in adult ages.

7 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

Although the accurate way to know that you have developed this condition is through a blood test, there are usually some symptoms that you should be aware of to know if you lack this nutrient.

1. You have a darker Skin Tone

People with more pigmentation on the skin are more likely to develop vitamin D deficiency. If you have this feature, you should expose yourself a bit more to the sun, since the pigment acts as a protective plaque that does not allow vitamin D to enter the body through contact with sunlight.

2. You feel sad for no Reason

Serotonin is a hormone that the body produces to improve the mood of people and its production is greater when we expose ourselves to the light of day, that is why people who have adequate levels of vitamin D are said to stay with better mood than people who do not have enough of this vitamin.

3. You are 50 years old or older

As we age, the skin is not able to absorb as much vitamin D as it did before and the kidneys do not effectively assimilate this essential substance for our health, also, in general, outdoor activities are less frequent.

4. You are overweight or have a higher rate of muscle mass

Vitamin D is fat soluble, meaning the body’s fatty acids are the ones that accumulate this vitamin. When you have a greater amount of weight, your body will need a greater amount of vitamin D.

5. Pain in the Bones

Many people who experience pain, combined with tiredness and sharp feelings, are misdiagnosed with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but many of these symptoms are signs of being deficient in vitamin D, which can also cause osteoporosis.arthritis pain

Lack of vitamin D makes it more difficult for the body to assimilate calcium and to be absorbed by the bone system, it is there where pains appear in the bones.

6. Sweat on the Head

One of the earliest signs of deficiency of vitamin D is excessive sweating in the head. This early symptom is seen mainly in newborns and occurs due to neuromuscular irritability.

7. Gastrointestinal Problems

Digestive System & Intestines

Vitamin-D is fat soluble, which means that if a person has difficulties at the gastrointestinal level, it may be more complicated for the body to absorb vitamins of this type. Among the most common intestinal diseases, we can find Crohn’s disease, gluten irritability, and difficulties in the colon.

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