7 Tips To Calm Anxiety At Night


depressionAll the world has gone through this, it comes in at night and you lie down in bed ready to sleep, in 2 minutes you turn to one side, then to the other, you can not forget the problems and you start getting more anxious.

You get stuck trying to fall asleep, but when you’re almost going into slumber, the worry comes back and then you have a new problem, insomnia.

There are a few reasons why this might happen, you may believe that it is best to seek a solution to the problems now that you are lying down, which is not usually the case, or you are very afraid of what will happen like having a live presentation for several people or a serious meeting with several problems to solve.

In the background, two things are happening in your mind:

  • You are scared of something you will feel the next day as an important event, talk to investors or make a difficult decision.
  • You know you’re going to feel great pleasure soon enough, like making lots of money or making the dream trip, so you cannot sleep out of anxiety.
    There are people who do not bother about it, they have emotional control because they have gone through similar situations or prepared enough.

The problem is not in the activity but in your mind, what matters is how and how much pain or pleasure you relate to the activity.

It would take a huge article on neurolinguistic programming for you to understand your physiology and have more emotional control, so I recommend Anthony Robbins’s book Awaken Your Inner Giant.

But, you do not need to read the entire book just to learn to control some of the anxiety and sleep better, I brought here what I call mental hacks, they are specific techniques for sleep, they are quick and practical and involve self-hypnosis and visualization.

Daily practice can bring good results in the quality of your sleep.

Tip # 1. Fill the Bathroom

Prepare your bedroom, clean the bed, blankets and adjust the temperature, lie in bed and snuggle.

Look for your best position for a few minutes, and begin a deep breath. Now you begin the process, with a slow and deep breath imagine that you are under a shower, gradually the water will fall and filling the place.

As you see your feet getting under the water, feel them relax. Do not allow thoughts to draw their concentration, calm down and continue the exercise.

Imagine water rising to the head for 10 minutes, if not sleeping then you can stop the exercise and just focus on breathing.

Tip # 2. Breathing in the foot

Being in bed and ready for sleep, imagine that your nose is in your foot and you breathe there.

This will make it easier to focus on breathing and eliminate thoughts.

Tip # 3. Sleep Field

Imagine that around you there is a field that protects you, it is where you sleep and it reaches the heavy sleep, being there you stay away from any problem.

Focus on putting a color and size.

Tip # 4. Unwinding Tension

This is my favorite, think you have a ball of thread and it has the size of the tension left in you.

Take the end of the line and throw the ball, concentrate on it rolling down the floor and losing its size gradually.

As this occurs, feel your tension decrease along with the size of the ball until it turns a taut line.

Tip # 5. Decrease Light

Being lying down and with the lights off now you will do the same in your mind …

Imagine that you have a bright light on, representing the approaching sleep, begin to slow it down until it is completely dark.

After that, pick up the noise of the thoughts that hinder you and gradually reduce their sound.

Tip # 6. Transform Objects

First imagine any object, such as a candle, and then slowly modify it until it becomes something else, for example, a tree.

Around 15 – 20 transformations your brain should already be ready to sleep.

Tip # 7. Meditation

It can be done before bed or day, sitting in a chair or on the same floor, you concentrate on breathing feeling the air in and out through the nose for 5 minutes.

The practice of meditation is very helpful in lowering your emotions and making you calm.

These are some techniques for you to fall asleep faster, now it’s up to you, select one of them and practice every night.

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