8 Best & Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of A Cold Naturally


The problem of colds troubles everyone. As the temperature decreases in winter, the number of viruses increases in the environment.Girl With Cold

Children are more likely to catch a common cold because children go out and play with dust & water, which makes them sick easily.

Cold can also be a serious problem if the common cold is not taken seriously as it can result in ear congestion, ear infection, lung tension, fever, headache and of course a great amount of discomfort.

Here are best ways to get rid of a cold naturally.

1.Inhale Steam

Inhaling steam is the quickest and best way to relive the cold as it relieves the tense muscles of the nose. Not only that, but steam also relaxes the lungs making breathing easier and smoother.

2. Ginger, Pepper & Honey
Take two tbsp of ginger juice and add 1 tbsp of honey and a pinch of pepper powder. Mix it well and take this twice a day. It is the best & fastest remedy for cold and cough.

2. Vitamin CDo You Get Enough Vitamin-C

Daily consumption of vitamin C gives you the immunity to fight a common cold. The best natural source of Vitamin C is Amla followed lemon and other citrus fruits. You can also take Vitamin C tablets, although its best to get it naturally.

3. Homemade Herbal Teachamomile tea
Make a herbal tea by boiling basil leaves, black pepper, grated ginger in 2 cups water, then add sugar or jaggery in it, and drink it lukewarm.

4.Garlicraw garlic

Garlic is a good source of allicin, a compound of antioxidant production which protects you from the common cold. Garlic helps you to heal quickly.


Papaya regulates moisture in the body, eyes, skin and membrane. It helps in re-hydrating your body to fight against side effects of cold.

6. Dry Fruitscashew-nut-benefitsDry fruits are warm in nature and are excellent to keep you warm inside. You can choose any dry fruit and eat it regularly during winter and also when there is season change. It will prevent the cold from entering your body.


All types of mushroom fight the common cold and have the necessary antioxidants to increase resistance. So add mushrooms to your diet to keep yourself immune from common cold.

8.Green leafy Vegetablesraw cabbage juice

Green leafy vegetables help promote the immune system and fight against the common cold. Green leafy vegetables give the best nutrients. Eating or taking juice of these leafy vegetables regularly gives immunity from common cold symptoms.

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