8 Health Benefits of Coriander Leaves For Body


Cilantro coriander leavesCoriander or Cilantro or Dhania is part of every kitchen in India and is used in almost all dishes. There are numerous types of nutrients available in coriander, such as manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, carotene, and vitamins.

By taking coriander juice, we can prevent many diseases. Taking coriander juice decreases blood pressure, strengthens bones, aids good sleep helps in digestion, also useful in skin problems.

Let’s know about the health benefits of coriander :

1. Improves Digestion

By eating coriander leaves or juice, the digestive system works the right way. If you have stomach related problems such as indigestion, flatulence, vomiting, heartburn, etc. it is beneficial for you. If you regularly consume coriander, then you can eat hot and spicy vegetables because coriander acts as a cooling agent for you.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Coriander contains elements like manganese, calcium, and iron. If we take this juice in the morning, then it helps in controlling heartbeat and blood pressure.

3. For A Good Sleep


If you are not able to take a good sleep. In such a situation, you should drink a glass of coriander juice before sleeping at night. This gives them relief, and you will get good sleep without taking any sleeping medicines.

4. Strengthens Bones

The biggest benefit of the benefits of coriander juice is that it makes our bones strong. The main reason for this is that calcium is abundant in it. There are some minerals which also increase the concentration of bones. It is also helpful in rejoining a broken bone.

5. Excellent Detoxification Herb

Coriander is a natural antiseptic and also decontaminates the body. Regular consumption of coriander juice can be taken with water to detoxify the body.

6. Anti-Diabetic Herb

Cilantro or Coriander is also known as for diabetic patients. Due to the natural components, the juice of the coriander leaves the blood sugar by regulating it. Coriander juice is very useful for diabetic patients.

7. Protects Heart

Cholesterol heart

Cilantro juice keeps our heart healthy because it has an abundant quantity of antioxidants which reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

8. Skin Problems

skin care summer

Coriander juice contains anti-fungus, anti-septic and anti-oxidants properties. Regularly taking coriander juice can prevent you from almost all skin related illnesses.

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