8 Health tips to Prevent Knee Pain In Old Age


Mobility is essential to keep joints healthy. The more agility in the joint the better the joints health will be. Here are some ways to keep your joints healthy.

1.Some Steps to Reduce Joint Pain

Mobility is essential to keep joints healthy. The more you are dynamic and the less hardness in the joints will be less. So you should keep changing your position while reading, working or watching TV. You should stroll through your desk or chair and take a stroll in the path.


Osteoarthritis is a disease related to joints, which is also called pain in joints. Arthritis is a common word, which means swelling or closeness in the joints. You can apply oil daily on the painful joint so that the tissues inside gets oil and become agile.

3. Knee & Elbow Gears

Injuries can hurt the joints which can aggravate the already painful joint or at later stages of life. So you should save them from any kind of injury. During high-risk activities such as skating, the safety gear of the elbow and knee pads should be worn. If your joints are already painful, then wearing braces should be considered when playing tennis or golf.

4.Reduce Weight

By losing weight, you can also avoid joints injury. Extra weight puts the load on joints and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Even a little weight loss can also help you by reducing stress on knees. Losing one pound weight reduces pressure on joints to four pounds.

5.Avoid Stretching

According to many arthritis specialists, stretch exercises are the most important. Stretching on daily or alternate days will be beneficial for you. But, if you have joint problems, you should not stretch the muscles before the exercise.

6.Light Exercises for Joints

To protect your joints, light weight options like walking, cycling, and swimming are good. High impact and faster exercise can increase the risk of injury. Also, strict exercises can gradually damage the cartilage. You can include activities that carry light weight in your exercise.

7.Strengthen Muscles Around Joints

By strengthening the muscles around your joints, you can reduce the risk of joint pains. Try to build thigh muscles to help knees but make sure not to do heavy exercise. Even a little bit of muscle strength can also reduce the risk of knee degeneration.

8. Healthy Diet

It is important to eat healthy that provides sufficient proteins needed for muscles around the joints. Take Vitamins like Vitamin-D, E to rejuvenate your muscle cells.

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