8 Home Remedies for Burnt Tongue


burnt tongueCertainly it has already happened that you burned your tongue, eating or drinking something very hot. But what to do in these cases to get relief?

At times, too much hunger or haste to experience food or drink, make us forget that it would be good to wait for the food to reach a pleasant temperature in the mouth before tasting the food. If not, it happens to burn the tongue and the nuisance can remain for several hours or even days. In these cases, eating and drinking can get complicated.

This is because the skin of the mouth and tongue are particularly delicate and therefore burn and become more painful than the other parts of the body.

In the case of the tongue, or other parts of the mouth, burned, you can experience effective natural remedies to relieve discomfort and speed up the healing process.

For example, try these natural remedies for burnt tounge:

1. Cold WATER

The best thing you can do when you burn your tongue is to rinse it with cold water immediately. This is a simple system to reduce heat and skin irritation.

2. ICE

If you have ice, another option is to put a small cube of ice on the burned side and let it melt by gently sucking it. However, you should be careful that the ice does not stick to the tongue, which can make the situation worse.


Even cold milk can be a natural solution to be applied on the burned tongue, to relieve redness and discomfort.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt can help relieve pain and refresh the burned area. Put a spoon in the burned place and let it act for a few minutes.


Another natural ingredient that can be useful at these times is the sugar, which must be spread on the burned surface. However, you should press your tongue against the palate to make sure that it does not dissolve too quickly.


The honey is, of course, an anti-inflammatory, so it can also be applied in case of burning tongue. The effect will be to facilitate tissue regeneration. In addition, as it has antibacterial properties, this will prevent the onset of infections. Simply put a spoonful of honey on the burned tongue and keep it for a while before swallowing. The application can be done several times a day.


The aloe vera is one of the best natural remedies for burns of all kinds. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, then take a leaf, open it in half and extract its gel, leaving yellow one. Apply it on the tongue and holding it for a few minutes. Repeat the operation several times a day.


This vitamin is able to stimulate cellular regeneration. If you have vitamin E capsules available at home, open one and spread the vitamin in the burned area.

Generally, within a week, the tongue will be completely healed. However, it is good at this time to encourage the regeneration of the burned area, avoiding:

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