8 Home Remedies For Fever In Children


Fever is body’s natural way to fight infections and clear toxins. When our body is fighting infections, the hypothalamus raises body temperature. Although it is always recommended to see the doctor first in case of children diseases you can fasten the recovery and build immunity by adopting these home remedies for fever in children.


If your child is facing high fever, then the first thing to do is to put sponging. For this you need first to dip a cloth in normal water, then squeeze water out of it and put on your child’s forehead. After few minutes of doing this, you can use little colder water. It will immediately bring down fever 2-3 degrees.

2. Put Blanket

Make sure that your child does not feel cold that can cause shivering by putting blankets till he/she starts to get sweat. If sweating occurs then it is a good sign that fever is going down. Leave the forehead open and don’t cover it.


raw garlic

Grind garlic and make a paste of garlic by grinding it and eat it with water or curd. Garlic contains an anti-microbial substance named allicin which fights infection. Garlic is also useful in clearing mucus and cough.


Eat a tablespoon of honey every day to build immunity against seasonal infections. The Bee pollen element in it can resist the effects of other types of pollen causing allergic mucus that aggravates fever.


Cut some pieces of potato and in the socks of your child. This can reduce the body temperature.

6.Basil leaves

Boil 10-15 basil leaves in a glass of water and boil it. Add half a teaspoon of ginger powder and boil it. Drink one teaspoon honey and drink it three times a day.


Grind some raisins and make a paste and boil in a cup of water. Add sugar to it and drink it. With this, fever can be brought down, and relief from a cough can be felt.


Other treatments for fever Cinnamon, ginger, lemon, apple vinegar, and turmeric are also some elements that help in reducing your fever.

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