8 Natural Ways to Clean the Liver


liver careIn Ayurveda liver is considered most important organ to fight any disease as it controls the overall digestion process. The liver is also responsible for the elimination of toxins from the body (such as those found in industrially processed foods, chemicals in body products, alcohol) to maintain the functionality of the internal organs. Basically more toxins are taken, more stress your liver.

Maybe it’s time to give a break to your tired liver, thanks to these 8 naturally detoxifying foods …

1. Lemon Juice

A splash of lemon juice every morning in a glass of lukewarm water is a well-known and natural way to make the liver ready for the detoxification process. Lemon juice awakens the nerves of the digestive tract and the liver by encouraging healthy digestion and improved bowel activity.

2. Avocado

It seems that besides being a good source of healthy fats, the tasty and creamy avocado is also good for the liver. In fact, a Japanese study found that avocado is rich in protective substances that defend the liver from toxins such as galactosamine.

3. Curcuma

If you suffer from chronic inflammation or other chronic liver problems, turmeric is a powerful spice, with great anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is effective in keeping viral infections wide.

4. Zinc

This powerful substance, zinc, causes some remarkable reactions within the body. Taking a zinc supplement will help the liver break down the alcohol so that it can eliminate it more efficiently and safely from the body. If you drink often, start taking zinc!

5. Dandelion Root

The dandelion can be an extraordinarily attractive flower to keep in the garden, but its roots have some remarkable healing properties. The dandelion root, in fact, has been used for centuries as a liver-infusing dye or prepared as a bitter coffee.

6. Garlicraw garlic

Not only does it strengthen the immune system to keep infections and germs away, garlic is also rich in sulfur compounds, which activate the functions of useful enzymes in the liver.

7. Water

The dear old water does so well for so many reasons. And now you can add liver functionality to your list of reasons why it’s worth drinking more water. It makes sense, moisturizing fluids – such as herbal teas or lemon water, improve the elimination of slags and protect the liver from developing calculations.

8. Brussels Sprouts

They may have a strange taste, but contain glucosinolate, a sulfur-based compound that causes their unpleasant smell but defends the liver from the damage to toxins and chemicals. Then, invite these miniature cabbages more often to dinner.

So now you are equipped with knowledge to keep your liver strong making you healthy.

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