8 Steps To Eliminate Sugar Dependency


sugar-tipsThe more sugar you start eating, the more your body will want. However, it is possible to reduce your sugar intake and take control. For this, there are simple steps that you should include in your daily choices, which can help you break sugar and take care of your health. Here are Eight ways to end the dependence on sugar.

1. Learn to detect sugar in labels

It has many names that do not sound like sugar, like fructose, dextrose, and syrup.

2. Look beyond sugar itself

Refined starches in foods like white bread, pretzels and chips are the same as adding sugar to your body.

3. Exchange the added sugar by natural sweeteners

The fruit adds a sweet flavor, as well as vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your diet.

4. Mix your own salad dressing

The dressings sold in stores may contain sugar. Creating yours is as easy as olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Learn more: 5 negative effects of sugary drinks

5. Avoid sugary drinks

They are the number 1 source of added sugar in your diet and best to avoid if you care for your health and weight.

6. Avoid diet drinks

These can cause more cravings or anxiety about sugar consumption.

7. Hide Temptations

You are more likely to eat cookies and candy that you have in sight. Better keep them where you can not see them.

8. Do it for 3 weeks

Your taste buds may change and you will prefer less sweet things.

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