80/ 20 Diet Rule Program For Weight Loss


diet-foodThe 80/20 diet to lose weight has already been adopted by many celebrities thus gained popularity .80/ 20 is an effective way to reduce weight by simply changing diet routine.

But what will the food program have to catch the attention of these celebrities? Let’s find out now, as we understand the working of 80/20 diet for weight loss.

How the 80/20 Diet Works to Lose Weight

Instead of being over-strict and not allowing the consumption of goodies at any time, the food plan dictates that 80% of the food be controlled and healthy, however, it frees the remaining 20% ​​for the consumption of food not so healthy.

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But there are some disagreements over the method of applying the 80/20 diet to lose weight.

According to a nutritionist and personal trainer Teresa Cutter, who is the author of The 80/20 Diet , the program proposes that the 20% portion of free food be used only one day week and not every day. On the remaining days, she recommends that the diet be completely healthy.

Another way of applying the food program is to schedule four main meals weekly if the person’s daily routine consists of three main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
This gives a total of 21 main meals over a week, of which 20% corresponds to approximately 4 main meals.

On the other hand, if one has the habit of performing six complete meals daily, which results in 42 meals a week, the number already changes. 20% of the 42 meals are equivalent to approximately eight and a half meals.

Thus, over a week, the individual can make eight meals and a snack – corresponding to half a meal, with the freedom to feed in any way they want.

The 80%

The 80% share of the diet, which is healthy eating, should bring a menu that is composed of whole and unprocessed foods – or minimally processed.

This includes foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources and unprocessed whole grains, accompanied by the consumption of plenty of water. This period also brings the rule of avoiding the exaggerated consumption of refined carbohydrates.

The 20%

When you get to the time that you are allowed to eat what you want, you need moderation, or the goals for weight loss will not be met. You need to know how to control portion sizes and not consume all the calories of the day in a single meal.

For example, you can use a 20% lunch period to eat a pasta with cheese sauce. Another possibility is to add a dessert like a piece of cake, an ice cream or a serving of pudding at the end of a healthy main meal.

An important point not to extrapolate in this period is to know how to plan the 80/20 diet to lose weight. One suggestion is to take a look at the agenda earlier in the week and check if any outlet to eat out or any event is scheduled. If you are, set aside your free time for these occasions.

Another tip is to think ahead of time what the goodies you really want to eat and which ones you can live without. Then use your junk food to enjoy your favorite foods.

The Pros and Cons of the 80/20 Diet to Lose Weight

A survey released in the year 2014 in Obesity Facts showed that it is possible to lose weight even if eating the garbage at the end of the week, if the person compensates following a healthy diet in general, most of the time.

Nutritionist Rachael Hartley explained that being healthy does not necessarily mean eating perfectly. In your opinion, if 80% of the diet corresponds to a menu with whole and nutritious foods, then the remaining 20% ​​can bring goodies without compromising health.

In the same vein, another nutritionist, Christine Palumbo, said that knowing that you can taste a mass or an ice cream, for example, at one point can help keep you motivated to continue with healthy habits.

On the other hand, nutritionist Samantha Heller has pointed to the fact that it is not so simple to identify how much corresponds to 20% of the diet. The nutritionist still points out that labeling foods in the 20% category, labeling them as bad, can bring a sense of guilt.

Another danger is that you can not maintain balance and moderation in the 80/20 ratio and overeat when you are in the 20% part. This can hinder and make weight loss unfeasible.
In such cases, what can be done is a re-evaluation and re-adjustment of the diet, with the follow-up of a nutritionist, so that balance and moderation become easier to achieve.
One possible indication is to change the ratio from 80/20 to 90/10, reserving only 10% of the feed for free meals.


Before following the 80/20 diet to lose weight, just like any other diet program, it is crucial to consult a doctor and a nutritionist. They are the ones who will be able to indicate the method that is most appropriate for you, not only for your weight loss goals, but also for your health and well-being.

This is important because the best thing about losing weight is to lose weight with health, providing the nutrients and energy the body needs to function properly, so that the acquired form can be safely maintained.

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