Aggression In Children Due To Music


child with hands on earMusic has the ability to cause emotional and neurological effects on the human brain. Melodic wrists can calm and pacify us in seconds. Put a classic CD in the sound of your car and hear how the cries of your baby suddenly decrease, so stop. However, studies have shown that music can also incite aggression in children.

Aggression comes in a variety of forms. It can be physical, mental and verbal. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Early Childhood Development Network Care Human Research, some children fail to develop self-regulation controls for aggressive feelings and can become violent. Although there are many psychological and physical problems that can cause aggression in children, an article published in 1996 indicates that aggression can be correlated with the neurotransmitter, serotonin, which decreases serotonin may increase violence in humans.

Effect of Music on Children’s Behavior

Earlier studies have linked music to animal aggression. Mice exposed to voodoo percussion performed increasingly worse over time, exposure to voodoo music continued. Eventually, they became disoriented and were not able to finish the maze.

So the music contributes to the aggression in children is not such a stretch. A study by Eliana Tropeano at Western Connecticut State University in 2006 found that children exposed to violent music videos gave violent responses to questions about fictional scenarios about viewing videos, while non-exposed children gave no for similar scenarios.
types of music

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Rap are the three main musical genres that seem to inspire children to act with violence. However, percussion and negative music (the background music that causes anxiety and suspense during horror movies) can also increase aggression.


According to a study done at the Department of Music Therapy at Daejeon University, the music intervention has helped suppress aggression and raise self-esteem in children with violent behavior problems. Children who were exposed to relaxing music improved their mood and their ability to control their anger better than children who were not exposed to music.
This study indicates that music can actually help heal children with aggressive tendencies. A study done by the University of Belfast’s Department of Psychology in 1997 produced similar results when aggressive dogs were exposed to classical music. Dogs have become more relaxed and tend to rest more than dogs exposed to any music or heavy metal music.

Types of music that heal Aggression

Classic, jazz and new age music are thought to elevate the mood of children. Even Indian sitar music has its benefits in increasing disposition, according to Dorothy Retallack, a pioneer in studies on music and feelings. Violins and harps are the two types of instruments found to cause relaxation and tranquility in humans and animals.

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