Amazing Benefits of Brahmi Oil For Your Hair


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The Brahmi oil is one of the most effective oils to grow hair, although it is not very popular in the market or little known. Here you will know what is the Brahmi oil, its origin, what are its properties and benefits for the hair, what it is for, how it is applied to the scalp and where to buy it.

What is Brahmi Oil ?

Brahmi and Ayurveda are two words that have been together for more than 3 thousand years. The name comes from the Hindu God, Brahma, so the brahmi oil from India is its true origin.

The oil results from a plant that is often confused with Centella asiatica. It is globally recognized for functioning as a rejuvenating tonic, stimulating memory, concentration, as a relaxant, for learning and as a stimulator of circulation. Of course, it is also a great alternative for hair health.

Why Brahmi For Hair?

So, what is the use of Brahmi oil? It works to grow hair for its properties that stimulate blood circulation. It helps to avoid hair loss, helps hair fibers, stops the aging of the scalp, repairs split ends and gives strength to brittle hair.

Benefits of Brahmi For Hair

Brahmi oil is a well-known remedy for growing hair , which also restructures the hair fiber, attenuates gray hair, gives shine, volume and deeply cleanses the hair. It is also known to nourish the hair root and fight hair diseases that cause scaling or crusting of the scalp and itching.

Brahmi can be used as a treatment for hair loss. Due to the antioxidant properties of the herb, Brahmi allows proper nutrition to reach the hair roots and promote growth. Your oil may also help with dandruff. Brahmi oil additionally can prevent hair-splitting at the ends and discoloration of hair.

How to apply Brahmi Oil for hair?

Application mode:

Apply drops in the shampoo so that it acquires all its nutrients. Then wash the hair as usual.

Apply it directly on the scalp and massage. Leave for 30 minutes before removing with shampoo and plenty of water. Now, Brahmi oil to grow hair will need extra help from other ingredients. For this, it will be mixed with extra virgin coconut oil or avocado oil and the hair will be massaged for 10 minutes; then it will rinse very well.

Oils to potentiate Brahmi hair oil :

This mask will be quickly absorbed by the hair follicles, capturing all its nutrients plus an extra hydration.

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