13 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Relationship


Everyone hopes to improve the relationship in some way. Not necessarily your relationship is going badly or your marriage seems to get colder every day , but we always try to show each day more the affection that feels for the other and to strengthen the bonds of partnership that we have with the boyfriend or husband.

But how to improve the relationship without falling into those boring and impractical tips? Simple, thinking of small everyday attitudes that can help you in this process. The first step, we already advance, is to develop interest in the other person . Okay, we know you’re already interested in her, after all, if you were not you would not be in the relationship, right? But it is to take that interest one step further: to seek to understand how she thinks, what she feels, and what she expects from the relationship you have.

How to improve the relationship:relationship hands in hand

1. Stop looking at someone else’s cell phone

We know that curiosity hits hard and that it is difficult to resist the temptation to stretch the neck to see the message that has just beeped on the phone next. But BE STRONG! A relationship works on the basis of trust and you do not improve that link by reading the messages of the other. On the contrary, you create a sense of mistrust between you. Everyone has the right to their own privacy.

2. Talk about what is not legal …

Did you bother with anything? Did your partner say something in a way that made you uncomfortable? Did he do something you did not like? Speak. The worst thing you can do is to hold in your chest those thousands of little things that bother you and that grow over time, until they become a big ball of snow difficult to control.

3.But praise what is incredible!

It is possible for us to fall into a place where we only criticize each other the whole time and forget to recognize what the other person does of legal. Remember to compliment your partner when the compliment is due – if he did something you liked, if he did well at work, if he acted in a way that you found super cool … This exchange is important because everyone wants to be recognized by what he does (but, curiously, he is more attached to criticism than to the ‘few’ compliments he receives). That is, find a balance and remember to talk about what is legal as well as about what is not.

4. Learn to listen

Perhaps more important than talking about what you do not like is learning to listen. Often, we forget that we are dealing with another person, who feels things, thinks differently from us and often does not know how to express himself so well. Listen, pay attention to what the other person is saying and try to understand her side before arguing over what she is saying.

5. Put yourself in the other’s shoes.

With a question, you find out if what you’re going to do is good: what would I feel or say if he did the same to me? Right, you’ve automatically put yourself in the other’s shoes and you’ll have a better idea if what you’re doing is, in fact, something cool for you.

6. Give a kiss every day

Do you know the importance of keeping the touch present in your relationship? It’s not about sex we’re talking about, but about keeping intimacy and closeness alive between the two of you. Make a habit of always giving a kiss when one of you is going to work, exchange a hug when they meet again at night and, finally, keep the touch present. Holding hands while walking in the street, sit hugging on the couch … Anything that lights up and keep that bond between you alive.

7. Go to sleep at the same time

It seems silly that you go to sleep at the same time, but believe me that is an important detail. If you do not get a lot of time alone during the day, this is the time to take advantage of each other’s company and establish that relationship of partnership and complicity.

8. Ask questions

Okay, you love each other, have common interests and a firm relationship. But do you know your partner’s favorite movie? Or the food he likes to eat when he’s sick? Or if he is a person more morning or night? Make it a habit to ask questions about the other person to get to know them better and know what’s going on around their minds.

9. Cherish your time alone

Want to improve the relationship? Learn to value your moments alone. Yes, enjoying time together is important, but you also need a few moments to know what you feel, how you feel and what you feel, what you want and what your priorities are. Learn to savor the moments when you are alone, to be grateful for them and use them to relax and get to know yourself even more.

10. Say more ‘thank you’

Believe me, you have not been grateful enough. And just like learning how to praise and speak what you think, that detail is essential for any relationship. Shows appreciation for what the other does and the moments you spend together. It means a lot to somebody to thank you for the small things of the day, as to pass the salt or to put the table for the breakfast.

11. Turn off your cell phone every now and then …

… or leave the appliance well away from the bed or the dining table. You do not want to be the kind of person who spends more time watching the Instagram feed than paying attention to the person right in front of you, right?

12. Confirm your day-to-day decisions with your partner

It is obvious that to reduce the mental burden , it is important for the two people in a relationship to have a proactivity to solve things on a day-to-day basis. But it does not hurt to warn and confirm the decisions that are being made. For example, that you go to lunch with his family for the weekend, or that you will send the shirts to the laundry room because this week no one will have time to spend them at home.

13. Make appointments

And it has nothing to do with spicing up the relationship , but with the two of you taking the time to get together and do things different from the routine.

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