Animals and Child Development


Growing up with a pet means many more benefits for children than parents can think, and that is that children’s pets teach them values ​​that little ones can not get in any other way.kid with dog

Children’s education experts highlight the advantages of combining children and pets in families. While some parents animals can be a source of bacteria, dirt, and allergies, for other families, they are the opposite. A pet brings love, happiness, and above all, it is shown that children who grow up with a puppy or kitten are more immune to certain diseases, not only during their childhood but also the rest of their lives.

Before thinking about buying a dog, it is worth knowing all the benefits that a pet can bring to your home and the development of your children. Take note of everything your children will enjoy growing up with pets for children.

Enhance Emotional development

It is proven that having pets is good for children because it helps them to develop their emotions fully. Animals make children happier and not afraid to show their joy, at the same time they have a faithful friend by their side when they are sad, and in front of which they are not ashamed to cry.

Animals give love to children without asking anything in return, but children also feel the need to provide them with everything they receive, learning to develop their emotions from their first years of life more efficiently, with multiple psychological benefits. With a pet you learn to empathize, you learn to respect, and even to leave space when necessary because they become friends who will be there no matter what, without judging them and never fail them.

Learning to be responsible

The importance of pets in children also lies in learning to be responsible. A child who has grown up with a dog, a cat or any other pet, is accustomed to giving him the care he needs, and it costs him nothing to assume the role that corresponds to the attention of the animal.

Children who grow up with pets are more mature, and learn to take care of other living beings without hardly realizing it, because it is part of their daily routine. As a member of the family, the pet has its needs, and the same as the child receives, will not put a fee to pay him in the same way.

To better understand the pet, there are some guidelines that children can learn from their dogs, as proposed by the Portal del Criador through this infographic:

Improve self-esteem

Having an inseparable friend who gives everything for you improves the self-esteem of any and more of a child who is learning to be a strong and confident person. Animals help children have a better self-image, feel more protected and feel important.

Animals help children overcome a complicated family situation, solve problems at school or with their friends because they always feel that they are accompanied by someone who will never leave their side. Being able to give your children a friend forever is a real privilege.

Respect for living beings
Children who grow up with animals have greater respect for living things and nature in general. They are less aggressive children, who show more respect for any living being, including plants, other animals and the people around them.

Promotes Physical Activity

children with dolphin

The companion dogs for children are a perfect excuse to be in movement. The pets for children make the children move more and do not become sedentary children, because the animals need to move, and will be all the time encouraging them to play.

One of the benefits of having a dog is that the child will have to walk it daily, and that implies movement. From more active pets that need to run to discharge energy, to small dogs and docile cats that encourage children to get up and play with them. And if your child is already hyperactive by itself, you always have the option of looking for a companion that follows the rhythm and ends up getting tired so that the two sleep better at night.

The level of activity of the animal is given by the race and by the character of the animal itself. If you want it to be a quieter dog so it does not cause problems at home, or if you want it to be very active to keep up with your children, do not forget to check that your dog ‘s breed is the most suitable for your family.

Reduces Stress

Children’s pets are related to children in a very special way. Without pretending it, they are like a small cushion on which children can go depositing their stress without realizing it, relieving extreme situations from day to day.

There is nothing like venting with your pet when you are wrong or worried. They are friends who will never judge you, and who will listen to you and then give you a hug and make you forget all those worries. The purr of a kitten or the caresses of a puppy are the best medicine for stress in children, and also in adults!

Decreases the risk of respiratory disease

And although it seems the opposite, a pet helps children to prevent respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergy. It is demonstrated that when children and animals coexist since the baby is born, getting used to your pet your immune system is stronger.

Cats for children prevent those feared allergies, and dogs always ask you to play, make the child have to move more, training since childhood his respiratory system to avoid problems in the future.

As you can see, the benefits of pets for small children are many, and we can not deprive our children of living this beautiful experience. If you had doubts before, now you will be sure that pets for children are a good idea to increase the family and enjoy the privilege of having a member that is not of our species. You’ll see what a nice experience!

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